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Here Are The 10 Items That Can Be Used In A Completely Different Way

Sometimes when we are in a desperate need of an item, we always figure out a way to give purpose to another item for the benefit of what we need. Thankfully, our imagination and creativity are always by our sides to help us turn anything simple to a greater something.

New ideas are always available for us to ease life and save our money. If you are interested to save a lot of your time and keep your wallet full, here are the 10 items that can be used in a completely different way… Prepare to be shocked!


Plastic cup

If you ever needed a measuring cup but you weren’t able to find one, you can use a disposable plastic cup. The relief marks on them were not made for no reason. Each part is meant to measure different kinds of liquids. These cups are literally the best things that were created for parties.



If you enjoy dying your hair, then you have probably experienced the green bad dye that happens after coloring it grey. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to fix it. Instead, you can just pick up the ketchup from your fridge and fix it:

Take a few tablespoons of ketchup and spread them all over the bad dye. Wrap it all with a plastic bag, and wait for 30 minutes. Repeat this process every day till you get the desired tone.



If your kids have tons of Lego that they don’t use anymore, then you don’t have to throw them away or keep them messing up your house or destroying your feet.

Instead, there are many things you can do to make them extra useful, like turning them into your keys hangers. It is time to bring out the inner child and find creative and useful ways for the Lego.


Binder clips

If you struggle with too many cords being everywhere around your desk, you can easily tame them by using binder clips. You can also paint them in order to make your office look way more colorful and unique.


A garden rake

This one could be like a cutest and humorous DIY that you can do all by yourself. Just take one (or more) rakes, wash them, take off the handle, paint them, then create your unique and amazing wine glass hanger in the kitchen, or basically anywhere you want because that’s your house and you are free to do what you want.


Olive oil

If you own an item of clothing that is made out of leather, and you would like it to be a lot darker. So, you could use the olive oil and a regular brush. The darker you want it, the more layers you will have to make. It is basically the easiest and cheapest way to take care of leather.


The wooden clothespin

Hammering a nail is an easy task, but not when we keep hitting our fingers constantly. So to avoid causing any harm, we can simply hold the nail with a clothespin. To be honest, this is a very smart move, and only people who suffered long and hard because of the hammer can figure out such an awesome trick.


Muffin Tin

You have way too many sauces to eat with French fries, but not enough plates? Not a problem! Just take your muffin tin and put each sauce in its place. This trick is very useful when you are having a party or just when a lot of friends come over. Plus, it is going to be very easy to wash afterward.



When you need a long match to light up a candle in the glass holder, then there is no need to burn yourself and struggle. Just take one stick of spaghetti, light it up, and use it instead. You probably will never buy long matches anymore!


Vicks VapoRub

This product has to be in every household because it is a common remedy that’s used for healing muscle pains and treating colds.

However, Vicks VapoRub can also treat so many other things like a mild earache, soothe inflamed pimples, treating toenails fungus, get rid of mosquitoes, reducing stretch marks, and many more. In general, make sure that Vicks VapoRub is always by your side.