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10 Core Values Of A Long-Term Relationship

Ever wondered what makes a relationship a good relationship? Besides having two people who love each other, there are certain values that are key to a strong, successful, and long-lasting relationship. Whether you’re curious if your relationship follows these values or just wondering how your relationship can improve. Here you’ll find your answers.

1. Communication

Most people believe good communication is what makes a successful relationship last. And they’re not wrong. Healthy communication is the base for everything else on this list. It’s trough communication that you get to know each other for the first time, and it’s also through communication you resolve your problems. It’s normal if one person is more communicative than the other, as long as both of you agree that talking is more than necessary.

2. Honesty

Having open communication means nothing if there’s no honesty between the two of you. Sometimes it might be hard being honest and speaking the truth, especially when what you have to say might be hard to express and even harder for your partner to listen. But what you do no want to do, is build your relationship on lies. When you tell the truth, you’re gaining trust, when you lie, you’re breaking that trust.

3. Trust

Isn’t it funny how all these values of a relationship are connected? Trust in a relationship is key for not only a healthy relationship but also a long-lasting relationship. You need to trust your partner with your life. That’s why it’s so important being real and vulnerable with each other; that’s the only way you’ll be able to build and maintain that trust.

4. Loyalty

When you’re in a serious relationship, you should also be serious about your partner, because if there’s no loyalty in a relationship, then it’s just a matter of time until all the other values crash. First loyalty, then trust and so on. This is why these are core values. You can’t just pick two or three. You have to have them all! Loyalty can be broken for many reasons. The most common one is having a cheating partner, but it’s also broken when you put something else as a priority instead of your partner. When you commit to a romantic relationship, you’re putting the other person first, prioritizing their happiness and well-being. That’s why you must be loyal, not only as a lover but also as a friend.

5. Respect

Any type of relationship requires respect. The relationship you have with your boss, friends, and lover, all of them should be based on it. It’s not very hard to understand why. No matter how different we are, physically and mentally, respect in a relationship is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If you feel like you’re not respected, then the relationship is more likely to end right there, and rightfully so.

6. Religion

Religious differences can be dangerous to deal with. Relationship problems might arise between the two people and mostly their own families, which can be hard, especially if you and your partner, despite all the differences, are serious about having an interfaith marriage. Religion and family are connected, but sometimes, families aren’t supportive of your decisions, especially if you’re marrying someone who doesn’t share the same religion as you. But what is important is that you communicate about the matter, you can get married without neglecting your religion. And kids can be taught two different religions and then choose one when they’re older. What’s important is that you stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

7. Family

What makes a compatible couple? Common goals are a pretty good guess. For instance, being on the same page is important, and family talk is a requirement, especially if both of you have the intention to take things to the next level. Do you want a family? Kids? How many? When? These are all questions that must be asked in a serious relationship. They might sound overwhelming at first, but two people who are in love should have no problem discussing this type of thing unless one of you doesn’t agree.

What happens when you find out your husband or boyfriend that you’ve been dating for a long time tells you they don’t want kids, and you can’t imagine yourself not having kids? Are you going to fall in love with someone else, or are you going to subject to it? Of course, you shouldn’t be asking these questions on the first date, but they are important questions. And you should never give up on something you desire for someone else, even if you love them.

8. Lifestyle

Possessing a similar lifestyle as your partner can really make your relationship a lot easier. If one of you is super active and the other one is a couch potato, then it’s just a matter of time until one of you feels like something is missing. Even if you are a couch potato, if your partner invites you to go hiking or swimming, you should be up for it! The same way, they shouldn’t mind losing an afternoon of activities for cuddling on the couch. It’s all about balance.

9. Money

Even though money is not exactly the most romantic subject, I think we can all agree on how much financial security is important. Especially for a young couple, who is starting their lives together, money, or lack of money can be a serious problem. And what turns this serious problem into a bigger one, is when the two of you don’t see money the same way. Maybe one is more responsible than the other, perhaps the other person spends a lot and saves none, and that can be enough to turn a great relationship into a sour one. Set goals as a couple, like a bucket list. This way, you’re both participating in setting these goals, which will make both of you contribute.

10. Love

We couldn’t forget the main reason for how to have a successful relationship, which is the easiest one. Loving, unconditionally, the other person, no matter what. The funny thing is, most of us don’t know what love is until we find it with that special someone we call “the one.” And when you do, it’s the best feeling ever! Maintaining a happy marriage or relationship is no easy task. What you can do to make it slightly easier is always to remember these values, repeat them in your head, and try to live by them every single day. You’ll notice how your relationship will change for the better.