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10 Items You Should Never Leave Outside The House!

We own a lot of things, but a lot of the things we own weren’t exactly designed to be stored outdoors. Some of those things go without saying, but there are certain items you might think it’s ok to leave outside when, in fact, it’s not!

Today we bring you a list of ten things you shouldn’t leave outside unless you want them to stop working properly.

1. Bicycles

At first sight, it may seem ok to leave your bike out in your yard, for example, but trust us, it’s not, at least if you want to preserve it. Leaving your bike outside is going to expose it to the natural elements, and this might not seem like a serious issue.

Still, over time, the elements can cause damage to the components of your bicycle, as well as reduce its longevity. If you have a garage space, keep your bike inside or find a storage alternative to protect it!

2. Lawn Mowers

Repairing a lawn mower is not the cheapest thing in the world, and if you don’t want to find out exactly how much it costs to fix yours, do not keep it outside.

Harsh temperatures can plug up the jets and ports on your machine, and you have the issue of rodents that have a soft spot for cords, for example. Leaving your lawn mower out in the open can be quite a disaster.

3. Power Tools And Gardening Tools

If you leave power tools outside, you are taking a huge risk- if it rains, there is a chance water will get near the cords or inside the battery compartments, causing the tools to stop working completely.

As for gardening tools, leaving them outside, subjected to precipitation, can cause them to rust.

4. Sunscreen Bottles

Sunscreen is your number one protector from the sun, helping you prevent diseases like skin cancer or the premature aging of your skin. However, and by irony, sunscreen should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Direct and excessive exposure to sunrays can change the consistency of the sunscreen, which will make it less potent and less effective.

Avoid leaving it out in the sun, and if you do it by accident, to guarantee your protection, we would recommend you toss it out and buy a new one.

5. Kids Toys

Toys for kids should never be left outside. Yards are always filled with bacteria, and the bacteria will latch on to the toys, which can cause your children to become sick.

Studies have shown that virus-causing bacteria, like Streptococcus pneumonia and Streptococcus pyogenes, can live for hours outside the human body and get attached to objects or surfaces. If your child plays outdoors, always be sure to clean their toys afterward.

6. Dog Toys

The same thing goes for dog toys who weren’t designed to be used outside. If it rains, the moisture will turn your dog’s toys into a fertile ground for mole and mildew to develop.

And under extremely hot temperatures, the texture of the toys can change, and products that were safe once can become toxic products, resulting in a chemical hazard for your puppy, as they might swallow plastic.

7. Basketballs

The temperature outside can affect the inflation, the bounce, and the overall exterior of a basketball, thus ruining the quality of the ball, making it lose its grip. The shape of the ball might also change, which will, of course, affect performance.

Ideally, you should store your basketball at room temperature, so after you are done playing, bring it inside your house, or find a corner in the garage to keep it protected.

8. Shoes

You have probably left your shoes outside for some reason – maybe they were all wet, maybe they smelled bad, but why you shouldn’t leave shoes outside?

Well, if they are dry, they might end up damping as a consequence of morning dew, for example, which will turn your shoes into a nest for bacteria. Plus, outside, you have all sorts of small creatures and bugs that can look at your shoes as their new little cottage home.

9. Clothes

Hanging laundry up to dry is the eco-friendliest alternative when compared to using a dryer. However, you shouldn’t leave your clothes air drying for long periods because it can make them vulnerable to rain, which will promote the growth of mildew.

Once mildew has appeared, it is pretty hard to get rid of it, so if you see that it’s about to rain, pick up your clothes and bring them inside.

10. Towels

Towels are made from the same type of materials as the majority of clothing articles. Therefore you shouldn’t leave them outside for the same reason you shouldn’t leave the rest of your clothes outside – the risk of raining and the risk of your towels developing mildew.

Leave your beach towels hanging in the porch during the day if you have to, but pick them up when the night comes and store them inside your house.