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10 Obvious Signs He Is Falling For You

You know that friend of yours, coworker, or colleague who, you are sure, has feelings for you but can’t come forward and tell you? Yes, he is simply terrified of the fact that he is falling for you. Besides that you are getting many mixed signals, this man is also confusing himself by not admitting that he is into you. Perhaps he’s been through some horrible experiences before, or he is just simply not ready. In any case, if he is not upfront about his feelings then no need to worry, we are here to show you all signs that prove he is falling for you. Read on to solve this mystery once and for all.

1. He acts differently around you

You can see the difference when this man is around his friends and around you; a 4-year-old can tell that his energy has shifted. His nervousness will definitely show up as he acts a little too cool to impress you, and a little too calm to charm you. In case you can’t really tell, you can watch his friends and the way they will act around both of you, especially if you both got into a conversation. Just pause and watch the stares they are giving him! That’s your key to unlock the secrets of this confusing who is too scared to fall for you.

2. Confusing mixed signals

When a man is afraid to fall for you (or for any girl, really!), there will be a big mess of mixed signals. Once they are cold and uncaring, then they are hot and can’t leave your side. Today he will be texting you all the time, but tomorrow he will leave you on seen. Does that look similar to your situation? If your answer is yes, then my friend, that’s your sign he is into you but scared to fall for you. But that’s okay because he is also having trouble understanding and accepting his own feelings. Just allow him to walk at his own pace because once he is ready, he is going to come forward.

3. He is checking you out

All women are beautiful to look at, that’s a fact, and men make sure we know that every single day… Sometimes in a very impolite way, though! So yes I know, all men check all women out, it’s not a surprise. But the way he does with you is a little different. Anyway, one of the signs he is into you is catching him eyeing you in a respectful, charming way. You can see in his eyes that he really likes what he is looking at. A goddess in a human form, when she walks, she makes the entire room brighten up! Trust me, that’s how men see the girls they are into.

4. He freezes when there is an opportunity to make a move

There have been a few moments when you two are together, then share a moment of silence after a heated conversation about relationships and love. In your mind, that’s the perfect opportunity to confess and tells you he is falling for you, but he doesn’t… Let’s see this situation from his perspective: he is terrified, scared of rejection, and doesn’t know what your reaction will be. So, he freezes. He probably will be changing the topic or just ask if it’s time to leave. Whatever his reason might be, this entire situation displays a strong sign he is into you, but scared.

5. He has a jealous side

Since you are still friends, you know that he has no right to tell you who you should be seeing, so it’s natural that you will be mentioning other guys in front of him and telling him about your date plans. Be sure he will never admit it, but his jealousy will show up in his words or actions. So one of the signs he is into you is he is not going to be pleased at all, he will be changing the topic, and anger will be as clear as the sun on his face. Well, he has nothing to complain about if he is able to make a move. Right, ladies?

6. He is overprotective

He is still not admitting he is into you, but he is being a little too overprotective of you. These are nothing but signs he is into you because, trust me, if a guy wasn’t falling for you, he wouldn’t care at all. For example, if you are walking to your car, he will be walking with you to the front door, make sure you are safe from people’s eyes. Walking that little extra mile is a clear representation of how much he cares about you. Too bad he is scared because he is clearly falling for you softly and strongly.

7. He can’t handle future conversations

As you were both looking at a gorgeous picture of Santorini, it may have occurred to you to say something like: “We should totally go together next summer!”. Sure, that sounds very exciting, but he will freak out. He is terrified of any future plans with you because he wants to go there as your faithful boyfriend, but he is scared he will end up going as a friend or even a third-wheel! And because he is scared of the fact that he is falling for you, he will avoid this conversation and change the topic. That’s fine because the poor boy is way too into you that he doesn’t know how to handle it anymore.

8. You spend so much time together

Did you notice that you have been spending too much time together? That’s lovely, but did you also know that friends don’t usually spend as much time as you spend with him? This only means there is something deeper is happening underneath the surface, and his fear is preventing him from coming clean about it. It might a little frustrating, but isn’t also sweet that he is acting this way because he is falling for you?

9. He can’t discuss your relationship

When someone asks you about your relationship with him, you smile and you blush because you know how you feel about him. But when he is asked the same thing, he becomes silent, so silent you can hear his heartbeats! He does have more feelings for you, but he can’t wrap his mind around them just yet. He doesn’t know how to accept them. So instead of speaking the words, he is going to do the total opposite.

10. You feel it

These previous signs can confuse you more if your man (boyfriend-to-be) is as mysterious as night. But let me tell you something: If you feel it, then it’s probably true. Just because he is not making a move, it doesn’t mean he is falling for you and blindly into you. Men are different and not all of them are brave. So if you do feel there is something, then you are not wrong! We hope by now you have your answer, and it’s up to you to decide what’s your next move should be. Do you want to wait till he confronts you? You want to be the one confronting him? Or you are just going to move on?