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10 Of The Most Valuable Life Lessons We Learned From Our Fathers

Nobody on earth can treat you the way your parents do or have the love they have for you! Parental love is definitely the one and only love that is truly pure, unconditional and most of all forgiving!

In fact, since the very first day you were born, they have been working hard and trying their best to shower you with their care, love, affection and most of all their wisdom in order to help you grow and become a well-balanced, happy, strong and capable adult.

While mothers are a source of unconditional love and affection, fathers are with no doubt the greatest gifts from the skies above. They are those funny, patient, strong and real heroes that we cannot imagine our lives without!

To celebrate their presence in our lives, let us make them happy by showing them that their valuable words of advice haven’t gone unnoticed!


‘’ There is a beautiful quote that I really love and which says that any man can be a father, but it takes someone very unique and special to be a dad, which is 100% true! Luckily, my father is my real hero. He taught me how to be true to myself and helped me to become the person I am today.

He also taught me how to believe in myself and in my dreams and how to fiercely fight for them and chase them no matter what ! Above all, he is my box of secrets, my source of love and the one and only shoulder that I can always turn to and know that he will never let me down’’

– Alexis Madrigal


‘’My dad has always been a beautiful and inspiring example! Not only he taught me how to be an independent and responsible adult but he also taught me how to become a well-balanced one.

He taught me the importance of maintaining mental, spiritual, and physical balance in life in order to be successful and happy. And I’m so grateful to him because if it wasn’t to him, I wouldn’t be able to cope with this difficult world.’’

– Caroline Melcher


‘’ My father has taught me great things and one of the greatest lessons he ever taught me is equality! I was raised in a family of six children but I never felt that I am different from my brothers and that’s thanks to my father.

He always used to say that there are no jobs for girls and jobs for boys rather there are just seats for the hard-working people. This great lesson lingered in my memory forever and taught me that I can achieve anything and everything as long as I’m a hard worker.’’

– Kristina Libby

4. FUN

‘’ My father taught me that life is too short to spend it regretting the things we haven’t done or the things we have done.‘’ what if…’ sentences can only make us miserable and unhappy. My father taught me to celebrate life with all its bitter and sweet moments and never lose that little child inside me.

This advice really guided me through life as thanks to him I’m able to awaken the little child inside me and forget all the stressful responsibilities of life. So, whenever life takes you apart, never hesitate to put your Mickey ears on and have fun !’’

– Megan Young


‘’The older and wiser I get, the more I appreciate my father ’s selflessness and generosity. He taught me a lot of things and one of the best things he taught me is treating others with respect and courtesy. This valuable advice was definitely One of the reasons why I have so many beautiful minds and souls surrounding me!

– Chelsea Moore


‘’ My father always used to tell me that no act of kindness is ever wasted! He taught me the value of humanity and kindness and thanks to him I’m currently receiving my masters for social work.

He taught me to always help those in need and never hesitate to give them a helping hand even if it’s just with one dollar, a meal, or a piece of cloth.’’

– Marissa Hernandez


‘’ My grandfather helped me how to overcome the ups and downs of life with two great qualities, namely, grace and gratitude. He taught me how to be thankful for what I have instead of crying over what I don’t have. He also taught me to be grateful for my life and all the other little things that I’m really blessed to have !’’

– Michael Watts


‘’ This is the best lesson that my father has ever taught me! Thanks to him I am a successful leader and I’m able to manage my team at work and get over all the obstacles that come my way. That’s not everything as this valuable lesson helped even in my personal life and not just in my professional one.

In addition, my father also taught me how to be a grateful leader who appreciates the others and the efforts they make and that’s great leaders know well that together we stand and alone we fall!’’

– Maggie Knooihuizen


‘’ I was born and raised in Argentina and my father always dreamed to move to the United States and experience the American dream. He never gave up and tried to apply for many companies hoping to get a job there.

After many temptations, my father was finally able to make it and move to America giving me and my brother and sister a great lesson! Yes, never be afraid to dream and no matter how big and scary they might seem. Dare to dream for the stars, miracles can always happen!

– Veronica Parker


‘’ My dad is undoubtedly my biggest role model and source of inspiration! He taught me many great and important life lessons and one of them is to never to give up and always chase what I want until I get it. I’m just so grateful that he is my father and I’m his son’’

– Jonathan López