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10 Signs He Doesn’t Value You As A Person

Relationships are meant to make you feel happy, fulfilled, and help you grow as a person, and of course, as a lover. However, this is possible only when you have a caring partner by your side.

It’s super important for a partner to support you and love you unconditionally. This means, of course, your relationship should be based on love and mutual respect.

Unfortunately, most of the relationships we see nowadays are toxic.

Both men and women have become numb to the true meaning of a relationship, which makes them act in ways that are not desirable for their relationship.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the signs of a toxic relationship, and stay tuned to find out more!

1. You’re not a priority

If you’re dating someone that has a million things they rather do than spending time with you or talking to you, then it’s clear that you’re not a priority. And who wants to be in a relationship where they’re taken for granted? From leaving you on read to not answering any of your calls or constantly bailing on you, this shows a lack of commitment and lack of love. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with this person.

2. They don’t care about your love language

Everyone has different love languages. Some express their love physically, through affection, cuddles, kisses, hugs. Others prefer giving and receiving gifts, while others write a simple poem or a text expressing their love. It’s key that both people in the relationship understand what each other’s love language is, so they can reciprocate their love in the best way possible. If your love language is gifts and the other person doesn’t even give you something as simple as flowers, you’re bound to feel neglected. The same will happen if you give the gifts and the other person doesn’t show any interest in receiving them.

3. They don’t appreciate what you do for the relationship.

You’re the one who is always planning romantic getaways, you cook their favorite meals, you go out of your way to make the relationship better and your partner happy, but what happens when the other person doesn’t see this? They should understand all the work you do and be grateful for it. After all, everything you’re doing, it’s for both of you. It’s not a selfish act, it’s the opposite. You’re just doing your best to make your relationship thrive, and they should be doing it too, or at least be appreciative of it.

4. The flirting stops once they have you

Everything is super romantic in the beginning, you go on dates, they express their feelings, you fall in love, live a couple of months like a happy couple, and then, suddenly, you are no longer viewed romantically. There’s no romance, no flirting, sexual activities diminishes, and so on. It’s common for couples to become comfortable and the spark to fade a little when a lot of time goes by, but that doesn’t mean you should just let the whole relationship crumble. Just because you’re in a “serious” relationship, it doesn’t mean the romance should end, and if they stop looking at you the same way they did at the beginning of things, then that’s just one of the signs he doesn’t deserve you anymore.

5. They are not proud of you

If you feel like your partner is ashamed of you or not proud of you, then they’re not the person you should be with. Everyone has their ups and downs, but you should never be ashamed of the person you’re dating. They should be proud to introduce you to their friends and family because of how amazing you are. Even if you’re just an ordinary person in the real world, you shouldn’t be for them.

6. They don’t listen

Does he serve me? Well, if they don’t listen or pay attention to you, then they’re doing a bad job as a partner and a friend. Do you often have to repeat information because the other person “forgets?” If so, then they were not even listening in the first place. Some people may get distracted easily, but they should always show interest in whatever you have to say, whether that’s an argument you had at work, what you want for Christmas, or even some random chit-chat.

7. They keep lying

One of the last signs of a toxic person is if they lie constantly. You are constantly catching your partner lying, even about small things. Whether they’re pathological liars or not, the important lesson here is that honesty is the best policy, and who would want to be with someone that can’t be truthful? This will only cause trust issues and build up insecurities. Lying shouldn’t be normalized, so if he lies without even showing remorse, it’s best to stay away.

8. Not showing affection

Their love language may not be physical, but affection can be shown in a lot of ways. From a kiss to a massage, a homemade dinner, or a simple cuddling session while you’re watching a movie. If the person who you’re with barely touches you or shows their affection, it could mean that they don’t feel the need to. Maybe because it’s just how they are, or because they don’t like you enough.

9. They don’t hurt when you do

When you love someone, and that person is hurting, you automatically hurt too. Nobody wants to see their loved ones suffering, whether from mental problems, work environment, or family issues. If it makes you suffer, your partner is also sharing the same feelings as you. When you’re hurting, your partner may not be able to fix your problems, but they should support you and be there for you to help you when you fall.

10. They make you feel guilty

Blaming others is a sign of insecurity, immaturity, and denial. It’s a sign of toxicity, and it shouldn’t be ignored, especially in a relationship. If they make you feel lucky for having them or tell you that you don’t deserve them, then guess what? They are the ones who don’t deserve you and are just projecting their fears onto you. Nobody should be treated like their inferior person in the relationship. A relationship is made of balance and equality. These are just a few signs you are too good for him or her. Deep down, in your heart, you’ll always be able to figure out whether you’re truly happy and fulfilled in your relationship or not, but if the person you’re with is guilty of practicing more than two things on this list, it’s safe to say that you’re better of without them.