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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Real!

Everyone who enters a relationship with commitment expects it to be truthful, passionate, and long-lasting, but unfortunately, there are many cases in which only one person in the relationship truly wants to make it work! The values of a relationship vary from one person to another, and even from couple to couple. Still, we know for sure that it’s impossible to build a successful relationship if only one of the parts is invested.

And the truth is when you are in love, you can have a hard time noticing the flaws on your partner, their inability to commit, and even their lack of interest in meeting your needs. Hence, it’s important to be aware of the red flags that point out that you are in a fake relationship. So here are the 10 relationship problems that show you are in a fake relationship.

1. When They Are Physically Distant, They Are Emotionally Distant As Well

There will be times during a relationship when you and your partner need to be away from each other, and that is perfectly fine. What is not fine is when you are the only one making an effort to stay in touch. If your partner appears to be emotionally distant while they are physically distant and show no interest in staying updated about your life or updating you about theirs, this is a pretty bad sign. It can mean that you are only important to them when they can physically have you, but that your presence in their lives is not really worth it, emotionally speaking.

2. You Feel Like You Are The One Investing On The Romantic Side Of The Relationship

If you want to be in a long-term relationship, you must make an effort to keep the romance alive. But you can’t do it all by yourself. When you and your partner are on the honeymoon phase, it’s more than normal that you won’t be able to take your hands off each other. As the relationship develops, it takes a little more effort to keep the spark alive, but it’s only worth to keep trying if you are both invested in making things work. Are you the only one initiating intimacy? Or making an effort to keep things romantic? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to engage in some open communication with your partner and try to figure out if you are still on the same level about one another.

3. You Never Really Solve Your Conflicts

There is not a single couple on this planet who doesn’t argue, but the point of arguing is precisely to go through that conflict and find ways to solve it. However, if the fights between you and your partner don’t seem to reach any valid conclusion, this might become problematic, especially if they try to escape conflict resolution. Healthy communication is vital if you want a relationship to work, but once again, it has to come from both of you.

4. They Never Meet You Halfway

A relationship between two people is supposed to be carried out precisely by two people. There needs to be a compromise between both parties, so things can be balanced and effectively work out. Are you the only one making concessions to meet your partner’s needs? Then sorry, but if they don’t show any interest in meeting yours, you are with the wrong person.

5. They Don’t Ask About Your Thoughts And Feelings

Suppose your partner is genuinely committed to your relationship. In that case, they will always be interested in knowing how you feel about a myriad of different subjects and your thoughts on many different things. But this is not all – someone who loves you will truly care about your day and your daily emotions. Does your partner ever ask you how you are doing? And do they sincerely care to listen to your answer? Think about that.

6. They Don’t Talk About The Future

If you are set on making your relationship last, you will envision your future together, which is normal, and it is actually how things are supposed to be. However, there is a huge problem if you are the only one planning. Does your partner seem to avoid discussing your future together? Do they take the initiative in making long-term plans? If not, maybe you are not on the same page regarding where this relationship is going.

7. Nothing Seems To Make A Difference To Them

Many people often think that the opposite of love is hate, but the truth is that the opposite of love is indifference. If you are with someone who always upholds that “I couldn’t care less” attitude regardless of the topic that’s at stake, you better run. There is no point in trying to share your life with someone who is relentlessly indifferent to every aspect of your relationship.

8. You Can’t Be Yourself Around Them

Remember this one thing: no one is worth compromising your authentic self for. You are a unique human being who deserves to be loved as a whole, so don’t put yourself through self-abuse to meet someone else’s expectations of you. If you can’t be yourself around your partner, then go and find a new partner.

9. They Are Distant And Reserved

Some people display a more reserved personality simply because they are introverts, but the truth is that even introverts can become more easygoing when they are around someone they love. If your partner seems emotionally distant or simply disconnected, talk to them and try to figure out what’s going on – especially if they haven’t always been like this.

10. You Simply Feel That Something Is Off

Trust in a relationship is important, but trust in yourself is vital. If you feel that something is off in your relationship for a while, you need to be honest with yourself. Is this relationship still worth it? Are you happy with this person? Or do you see no future at all, but you are too comfortable to admit it? Don’t waste your precious life with something that doesn’t add anything to your life – you only get this one, right?