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10 Things You shouldn’t Keep In Your Basement!

There comes a time where you’re cleaning your lovely home and wonder where you should put all that stuff you are not going to use for a long time or did you just move to a new house, and you find yourself unboxing all your things and scratching your head where to put some of those items?

And what about food, should you store food in the basement? Well, if you have one and want to give it good use, keep in mind that you absolutely can’t store everything you own in there! But don’t worry, if you’re trying to figure out what things you shouldn’t store in your basement, this article is for you.

1. Propane Tanks, Paint, Gasoline….

Yes, these are flammable items, and no, you shouldn’t store them in your basement. Think about it! The proximity of these types of objects if they somehow interact with your water heater or the clothes dryer can spark a chemical reaction and start a fire.

Avoid this by storing this stuff outside, in a place where they can benefit from some ventilation.

2. Electronic Items

Ever wondered where to store your old DVD player, old cell phones, or just any general old used electronic devices you have? Well, then the basement is NOT the place to store them.

The moisture in the air and the constant temperature variations will ruin your devices, erode them and turn them obsolete, so if you are not going to use them again, the best option is to find them a new home where they will be used or just recycle them.

3. Food

Storing food and drinks in your basement can be a big health hazard, so this is a big no. It’s not the same thing as to store food in a bunker. Those are ventilated and controlled environments as for the lovely storage room, you shouldn’t ever put your food there.

Canned food, for example, can get compromised, by being exposed to harmful bacteria, and generally, the food here is an invitation for all sorts of contagion. Do not take your health for granted and keep your food away from this place. Keep in mind that the same goes for your pet’s food.

4. Medication

Have you ever read the instructions in your meds bottles stating that you should keep them in a dry, clean and cool area?

Well then, the basement is not the place to store them, as the temperature variations and all sorts of contamination hazards can happen down there, posing a high health risk for you.

Avoid storing them down there at all costs. Also, while you’re at it, you should check if your meds are all within their consumption dates.

5. Papers and Documents

Humidity and bugs are your worst enemy when it comes to stashing these items. So keep all your important documents, like your birth certificates or travel documents away from being eaten and ruined for good by the listed factors, it is a terrible and avoidable situation, so be smart about it.

Secure them closer to you, in a safe place where you can easily reach them. It is better than hiding them in a place where you can quickly lose track of their whereabouts.

6. Clothing

When summer comes and you want to get rid of your big furry clothes for a long while giving their place to your cool new summer clothing, the basement might seem a tempting place to place these and also your old clothes but should you? The answer is no.

Well, unless you like feeding moths, sure, but do keep in mind that nothing good comes from infestations. Also, the moisture in the air can ruin the clothing. Your best option here can be storing them in another place and keep them sealed in plastic bags, or you can give out some unused clothes to the ones in need.

7. Furniture

This is one of the biggest mistakes people commit when it comes to moving stuff to the basement. It’s not the ideal place for your old furniture as the moisture can ruin the wood, molding, and creating bad odors. Also, keeping wooden furniture in the basement can crack due to temperature variations.

It is also a place that can invite rats, insects, and fungi to take over these items. You could always try and keep them in elevated spots or covering them, but the best option here is to find them another place.

8. Photos

Sure, decorating a basement can be fun, and with that, you may want to include displaying some nice family photos to go with it, right?

Wrong. Placing photos in your basement is also something you shouldn’t do, as the extreme temperatures can, for example, melt them, ruin the colorization in them or even glue them together, damaging them for good. So why ruin your best memories when you can have them safely in-display closer to you?

9. Firewood

Do you own a fireplace? If so, you need to get some wood to store for the winter, and the basement is not the place where you want to place it. The natural moisture in such areas can rot your wood, deeming it for proper use.

The best thing to do here is to put it outdoors so it can dry in case it was recently chopped, or you can store your dry wood in a shed outdoors. However, make sure it is at some distance from your house in case it attracts some pests.

10. Rugs


Also on the decorating aspect of things, sure, you may want to put a beautiful rug on the floor, making your basement more friendly and cozy to walk into, but, you guessed it, it’s not a good idea. The fibers from these items will gain a bad odor due to the humidity. Also, some mice and insects may call your rugs their new home.

It’s not a pretty sight, right? So, you have better options, either put them at your lovely home or if you want to store it, just roll them and put them in a dry safe place like a typical bedroom closet. So now that you know The 10 items you should never keep in a basement, it’s time to take action and reorganize things.

Safety, health, and good organization should be key factors in everybody’s household. But there are things you can store in a basement, like your holidays’ decorations, outdoor furniture, plastic containers, suitcases, and kitchen supplies.

Also, it’s a good idea to own a dehumidifier that you can run in your basement just to make sure that nothing you have there goes rotten or gains weird odors. Do you know more items you shouldn’t place in your good old basement? Let us all know in the comment section below!