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11 of the Most Interesting Facts about Men

Statistics seem to reveal more facts about men than they’d like to admit, so we turn to studies and surveys to get a hold of what men want as well as what their behaviors mean.

For instance, men tend to have a shorter lifespan than women all over the world, men tend to lie twice as often as women, and they spend around one year of their lives just looking at women.

But what are the deeper secrets that define men on average?

Keep reading to reveal 11 of the most interesting facts about men that even men would like to know.

11.Men’s Nightmares Are Mostly About Disasters

Common nightmares for both men and women include personal threats, health problems, or death. However, a study conducted by Montreal University shows that there are some differences between the nightmares that women and men tend to see. After studying more than ten thousand dreams, scientists found that men’s nightmares are mostly about horrifying wars, earthquakes, floods, and large-scale disasters, while women’s bad dreams are more about interpersonal conflicts.

10.Men Would Bend Over To Pick Up Something

Why do men bend over to pick up a fallen object while women tend to squat instead? Well, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but most people typically behave this way.
One reasonable explanation for such behavior is that women tend to wear uncomfortable clothes. The latter includes tights, skirts, and shorts, which require squatting to pick up something. On the other hand, men usually wear comfy clothes, which give them more freedom in movement so they can effortlessly bend over when picking up an object.

9. Men Like Women Who Have A Healthy Weight

According to research from the University of Granada, men prefer women with a healthy weight. This means that they are not too slim but a healthy-looking kind of slim. So the ideal image of a beautiful girl with a model-like body is far less attractive to men than a woman who has a healthy body weight.

8. Men Keep Their Thumbs On Their Belt To Attract Women

A man would unintentionally adopt a pose that inspires how strong and courageous he is to show a woman that he likes her. In most cases, men keep their thumbs hooked to their belt as a sign of strength and manliness. Well, what about the times when belts weren’t invented yet? Interestingly, men in ancient times used to point to their crotch when trying to win a woman. While in our modern era, such a gesture would be extremely inappropriate, its echoes still manifest as holding hands on the belt with the thumb pointing downward.

7. Men Like When Other Men Compliment Them

While people might assume that men love to receive compliments from women, the truth is that sexual orientation has nothing to do with how delightful a compliment can be since men are more pleased when other men compliment them. A study from the Binghamton University states that people welcome and give thanks for compliments only in 30 percent of the time. Still, when a man gets a compliment from another man, he sees it as a delightful act which boosts his self-esteem.

6. Male Friendships Are Based On Common Interests

Unlike women, men tend to become friends with other men through common interests. According to Ronald Riggio, Ph.D., male friendships are mainly based on common interests. For instance, they may like to play videogames, poker, tennis, football, golf, or watch their favorite team playing. But when it comes to female friendships, they are mainly based on emotional support, meaning women befriend each other when they feel emotionally connected.

5. Men Eat More When They Are With Women

It may not make much sense at first, but the truth is that men eat more when they’re having a meal with a woman than when they’re eating in the company of other men. In fact, according to research from Cornell University, men eat more because they want to impress women. This isn’t weird or silly; that’s just how instincts play a noticeable role in the way we behave.

4. Men Choose Looser Clothes As They Grow Older

It’s a fact that our outfits have an impact on how we feel and on our mood in general. Not only that, but clothes also affect the way other people see us, and that’s the reason why men in suits tend to feel more confident during business meetings. What’s surprising is the way clothes’ preferences shift as men age. For instance, young males would wear tight shorts or pants even though they aren’t comfortable, but as they grow older, feeling comfortable becomes more critical than looking hot and fashionable.

3. A Man’s Lifestyle Significantly Depends On His IQ

According to a study from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, scientists found that a man’s IQ level influences his lifestyle, particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption. So after studying data of around fifty thousand Swedes, it was found that men who have a lower IQ tend to drink too much. However, it should be noted that IQ wasn’t the only factor in alcohol abuse since these men were also dealing with emotional problems. Generally, scientists outline that people with a higher IQ opt for a healthier lifestyle.

2. Men tell lies twice as often as women

On average, a man lies to his partner, boss, or coworkers six times a day compared to three lies per day for women. In 2009, The 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment surveyed the frequency of lies in real life to release a TV series, and the results showed that the most common lie is people saying that: ‘’it’s okay and everything’s fine’’, in addition to the discovery of men telling twice the number of lies per day compared to women.

1. Men Spend Around One Year Of Their Lives Just Staring At Women

On average, a man stares at 10 girls for around 43 minutes every day, which amounts to about 11 days every year. This means that men aged between 18 and 50 spend almost twelve months staring at women. On the female side, women aged between 18 and 50 would only spend six months looking at men. Moreover, it was found that nightclubs, pubs, and supermarkets are the most common places where people enjoy staring at beautiful strangers. Do you have any other facts about men that you’d want to add to this list or have any interesting theories that are worth checking? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.