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11 Ways To Regain Trust In Your Relationship!

5. Forgive

Sometimes, you work hard to regain trust and recreate a healthy relationship beyond what happened but feelings of resentment, anger, and pure rage still find a way to your heart. This means that you didn’t forgive him/her.

Although you tell yourself that you’ve made it through and what’s important is that you’re still together, if you haven’t wholeheartedly forgiven your partner, then you’ll easily find yourself blaming them and reminding them of how horrible they were to do what they’ve done on every possible occasion as a way of punishment. This can only make things worse and kill the relationship.

Forgiveness is essential to truly move on and rebuild trust on a proper foundation. Although it’s not easy to forgive, a relationship cannot survive without it.

6. Don’t Rush

Any broken thing will need time to heal, whether it’s a bone or a trusting heart. Unfortunately, mending a broken heart can be harder and take much longer. In fact, you’re looking at up to 3 years, which can change depending on how long you’ve been together.

If both of you are fully committed to fixing your relationship and rebuilding trust, you must be very patient because you’ll be dealing with a heavy mess of insecurity, shame, sadness, disbelief, and anger. You should be ready to deal with the whole thing, one step at a time.

However, don’t be too harsh on yourself or your partner.

Try to talk things out as often and as calmly as possible and don’t rush to see results. Deal with every day and every emotion at a time and little by little, your relationship will start to heal.