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11 Ways To Regain Trust In Your Relationship!

7. Be Transparent

To regain trust, the one at fault needs to be perfectly transparent and honest because the betrayed cannot handle any more secrets or lies no matter how little or subtle they may seem.

At this critical point, any teeny tiny secret will only create more distrust. For example, when the phone rings, the trust breaker should stay in the room and answer naturally without acting suspiciously.

So the heart breaker needs to forget about the concept of privacy and make daily efforts to mend the relationship and re-earn their partner’s trust, and the only way to do it is by being completely open and transparent.

8. Cut Ties Completely

The one who committed adultery needs to cut all ties with the person they cheated with, meaning there should be no last meeting, no texts, no calls, no coffee dates, no becoming friends, and no checking on how they’re doing. Nothing at all. Zero contact.

If it was a one-time thing or if it’s over then it should be over and buried in the past. Your heartbroken partner deserves to feel respected and emotionally safe.

No matter which reasons you had for doing what you’ve done, you certainly have better reasons for mending your relationship and re-earning your partner’s trust. And this can never happen as long as you still have some sort of contact with the other person who nearly destroyed your marriage or relationship.