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14 Fashion Mistakes That Can Make You Look Cheap!

Statistics show that girls who are 16 or older tend to spend 76% more on fashion when compared to men. But sometimes looking good is not about expensive clothes or cheap clothes, it is about taste. Even expensive clothes can look cheap if you are not careful enough, but we bring you 14 tips on how to avoid looking cheap. Read to find out how to improve your fashion style!

1. Trendy clothes from the year before

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to a piece of clothing, but wearing clothes that were in style in previous seasons can be a risk. People might recognize the trend, and they will know how many years ago you purchased those clothing items. The solution is always to pick up iconic pieces that will maintain their relevance as the years go by.

2. Oversized clothes

This is the type of trend that only looks good on Instagram models, who pair it up with bright makeup and high heels and build a whole style concept around it. However, going out wearing baggy clothes gives out the impression that you are careless and that you are wearing some borrowed hoodie from your heavy friend. It’s comfortable, don’t get us wrong, but it makes you look too relaxed and sometimes that is not a good thing.

3. Colorful rivets and zippers

This can look stylish at first, but it will only last until you wash it. Colorful zippers, even in high-quality dyes, tend to fade after you wash them, which will make it look like you are not taking proper care of your clothes, or even make them look old and washed up. Think long term before purchasing this type of clothing.

4. Jeans with scribbling and other extras

This is one of the clothing mistakes that make you look cheap, but even stars like Victoria Beckham have fallen for it. It is the type of trend that comes and goes, but that over the long run doesn’t pay up because it is too over the top. Jeans that have scribblings all over them can be too much. This also applies to extras like rivets and stripes, etc. If you want to look high class, your best option is to choose minimalism – less is more. Focus on quality instead of extravagance, and then if you’re going to add a little something, accessorize it.

5. Making the wrong color combinations

Some people enjoy colorful clothing, but not everyone has an aesthetic sense that allows them to combine different colors properly, and this can make you look super cheap even if you are wearing Prada. According to fashion experts, there should always be a balance between brighter colors and pastel tones, and the second one should be the basis of any versatile wardrobe. If you can pick one piece of clothing with a neutral tone, like black or white, it is easier to create colorful combinations that don’t make your look too exaggerated.

6. Poorly executed seams

This is important because it’s the kind of thing that will keep you from looking cheap and, over time, will also save you money. When shopping for clothes, you should pay extra attention to the seams to make sure the item you are purchasing has been sewn properly. To be sure, you need to check if the end of one seam matches the beginning of the next seam – this will determine the lifespan of your clothing, because on spots where the fabric stretch, bad steam can turn into a ripped t-shirt in no time.

7. Scratched glasses

Glasses should be looked at as an investment because they are a summer fashion accessory that can impact your eye health. Therefore, if you purchase a more expensive model, you should keep them in a proper case when you are not wearing them, even though the risk of scratching inexpensive materials is lower. Cheap glasses, on the other hand, will get scratched easily, and because glasses go on your face, it is really hard not to notice, which will make you look unkempt.

8. T-shirts with sentences

This is a really popular trend amongst teenagers, but when adults wear it, they can look immature. T-shirts with jokes and writing on them are not appropriate in many everyday situations, and the writing can draw attention for the wrong reasons sometimes. Plus, if you are considering buying a shirt with a sentence on a language you don’t speak, check the translation to see if it makes sense.

9. Furry clothing

Faux fur is the only legitimate alternative when people want to wear furry clothes, and some designer brands know how to use it and make it look classy. However, cheaper brands try to save money at all costs, and this, of course, will affect the quality of the faux fur. When purchasing this type of item, make sure it is high quality and try to get pieces where the fur is detachable; this way, you can keep it from getting tumbled after washing it in the washing machine.

10. Missing buttons

Buttons aren’t the type of detail people pay attention to, but that is if you have all of your buttons. However, if you are missing some buttons from a shirt, for example, people will surely notice, and this can give out the idea that you are careless and untidy. Sewing a button is pretty easy, so there is no excuse just to let it be.

11. Worn out shoes

It is normal for shoes to wear out – after all, they are exposed to the elements, and they step on the ground and stumble on things. You can always use shoe polish to fix the scratches and to give your old shoes a new look, but there are other things you should be careful about. The caps of your high heels, for example, should be replaced now and then, not only to make the shoes look nice but because there is a higher risk of slipping.

12. Polished nails but no manicure

It is really important to know how to take care of yourself in every single way, and sometimes our nails go to a second plan. Well, the way our nails appear can change the impressions we make on people, so there is no point in applying nail polish if, overall, your hands look unkempt. Messy cuticles, for example, can look unhygienic. If you don’t have time for a full manicure, transparent nail polish is the way to go.

13. Light clothes during the winter

Winter fashion calls for winter clothes, so wearing light clothing during this time of the year can look kind of ridiculous. A mini-dress during the cold season is uncalled for, fashion-wise, not to mention that it might pose a danger for your health. When the cold days come, put away your short outfits and don’t think about them until spring, please.

14. Looking pimped up

There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery and with wanting to feel better about certain aspects of yourself, but any procedure you get done should look effortless and natural. If you’re going to keep an elegant appearance, there is no need to overdo it. If it is too obvious by looking at your face or body that you have had work done, there is a risk you won’t look classy or natural at all, but you may look cheap instead.