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4 Crystal-Clear Signs A Woman Is In Love With You!

Women tend to be way more mysterious than men when it comes to relationships and showing their true feelings. The reason for it is pretty easy to understand…Women have been criticized and made fun of for being too emotional, weak, promiscuous, and the list goes on. So naturally, women have become colder and more reserved about their feelings, just like men! Of course, this is a generalized theory, and when it comes to true love, there’s no way of denying it, whether you’re a woman or a man, there are certain things you say or do that show you truly like someone. So let’s talk about what are the signs she thinks you’re the one for her!

1. She often comments about you becoming a great parent

Even though not every woman wants to start a family, the majority of them do. And even though kids might not be in your current plans (or hers), some kids-related subjects may appear in conversations. So whenever she looks at you and sees you playing with kids or petting an animal, she sees this as signs that you’re a caring, warm person, and in a woman’s’ mind, this is a great quality to have as a parent. So whenever you’re around kids, and you see your partner looking at you with a smile on their face, consider it to be a very good sign that they are already picturing your future family. They might even say something like, “You’re so good with kids” or “You’ll be a great dad,” know that these are indicators that she might imagine a long term relationship with you.

2. She Trusts You With Her Life

It’s a difficult job to get a woman’s trust. The truth is, you might be in a romantic relationship and still find your walls way up. Unfortunately, this has a lot to do with the era we live in. With social media and online dating, it has become way too easy to find someone in a matter of seconds. But if you’re reading this, you are probably in a happy relationship, or you want to get there with this one special person. So how can you know if they trust you completely? If she’s okay with you having her phone, if she doesn’t mind that you’re out with your friends until late, if she doesn’t feel the need to call you every day, then these are signs there’s trust in a relationship, and most importantly, maturity and independence.

3. You Let Her Win And She’s Happy About It

If there’s anything you should learn for the rest of your life is that women are always right. So it doesn’t really matter if they’re wrong, because they’re still right! All jokes aside, whenever there’s a serious argument or miscommunication, it’s important that both of you communicate and try to understand what went wrong. After all, that’s how relationships grow! But if you’re arguing about little things, does it really matter who is right and who is wrong? If you compromise in a relationship to make her happy, that’s a great way of making her like you even more. She’ll appreciate you letting her win, even though she’ll never say it.

4. She Knows She Has Your Full Support

You might think that two successful people dating is considered “relationship goals.” Still, most of us don’t even imagine what goes into a relationship where you have two extremely successful and busy people. Usually, one’s professional goals aren’t compatible with the relationship. Maybe her job requires to be in another country, or maybe she travels a lot, works over hours, etc. This, of course, has a huge impact on any relationship. But it’s up to you to support it instead of viewing it as a negative thing that will eventually break you apart. When in a relationship, you can’t be selfish. If the person you love has a dream, it’s also your job to help them achieve it, even if that ends up hurting you. You just have to have faith and believe that your relationship will survive it, that’s what relationship goals are! So now you know.

By the end of this article, you should be able to understand if this person actually loves you or not. Just keep in mind that even if there are plenty of signs, she is in love with you, that doesn’t mean you’ll be with her forever. In fact, what we think we want is very different than what we need. Nobody knows what they want when they’re 15 years old, maybe not even at 25. So don’t obsess too much over these things, you already checked the signs she likes you, whether you’re going to last a long time or having kids together, that’s something that nobody can tell, so you shouldn’t worry about it right now. A lot of relationships fail because people tend to focus on the future instead of the present. So enjoy right now. You already know they like you, so let that be enough!