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4 Important Things You Should Do to celebrate 4th Of July Safely!

The fourth of July is a very special day for the American people. Also known as Independence Day, this national holiday commemorates the declaration of independence of the American colonies on July 4, 1776. From that day forward, these colonies, that years later would constitute the United States of America that we know today, were no longer under the rule of the British king. The rest is history.

Every year this date is celebrated enthusiastically across the country. People gather their entire families for a barbecue and other fun activities. Local governments organize large fairs and fireworks shows. And sports fans can also enjoy watching their favorite teams competing. But in 2020, everything will necessarily be different.

We must not forget that we are facing a serious health crisis that has put the world in lockdown. This does not mean that we should not celebrate this important historic milestone. It only means that we must do so with all the precautions that the current circumstances demand.

Here’s what you should do to celebrate 4th of July safely!

1. Exercise Common Sense When Enjoying Fireworks

The 4th of July fireworks are usually absolutely epic. It’s mesmerizing to enjoy these visual shows with your loved ones, and most people look forward to it. Unfortunately, many cities are canceling their firework shows, as well as other festivities, as a measure to prevent large public gatherings on this holiday, which is quite understandable, especially in cities with high population density.

However, other cities decided to move forward with these shows anyway. This is a measure that will please the local businesses operating in this industry and will allow people to maintain this tradition. Of course, tighter security measures will be needed and citizens are asked to exercise common sense.

If you have the chance to see fireworks in your city, make sure you follow all the rules imposed and that you do not put anyone’s health at risk. Take all the precautions needed and if you can watch firework shows at drive-ins, for example, or even from home, do it. Better safe than sorry!

2. Maintain Social Distancing When Gathering With Family

If you have a large family that usually gets together on this date to spend quality time, don’t worry. You can still do it. We do, however, advise you to adopt several precautions to avoid taking risks. Here’s how to celebrate the 4th of July at home: First of all, try to maintain social distancing between the smaller family groups.

This means that people who don’t share the same household should stay relatively distant during the entirety of the gathering. Although it won’t be easy, with proper planning and attention, it is perfectly attainable. If the option is available, the family gathering should take place outdoors.

This will allow family members to be more spaced out and prevent potential contagion – according to health entities, indoor gatherings pose a huge risk. Furthermore, you should think about some 4th of July food ideas that are easy to cook and eat if you can eat it with your hands, even better, since this prevents people from getting too close together around a table.

On top of all this, it’s also a good idea for the most vulnerable people like the elderly and those with underlying health conditions to wear a mask all the time. We need to protect them! Oh, and everyone should take the temperature before the event. Get your 4th of July decorations out of the closet and celebrate this important day properly and safely!

3. Disinfect And Sanitize All Objects Used During Family Activities

There are a lot of fun activities that can be done outdoors without any increased risk of putting your life and that of your friends and family in danger. You can play baseball or four-square, or even some traditional games such as dodgeball or sack race. Organizing a quiz can also provide moments of great fun. Besides, the whole family can play.

These are just some safe ideas! Whichever activities your family chooses to animate the day, it is important once again to maintain a safe distance, wear a mask, wash your hands properly, disinfect and sanitize all objects that will be shared between people during the activities. We are sure you’ll find something that can make this day memorable for everyone.

4. Avoid Public Places And Learn More About Your Country From Home!

This is the perfect time to learn more about the history of the United States – and learning is also a form of celebration. Even if you have many family activities planned, take some time of the day to learn something or to take part in some educational activity about the history of your country. You can take virtual museum tours. Many famous museums, such as the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History or the National Women’s History Museum, are offering in-depth virtual tours.

Due to the existing health crisis, a large number of museums have greatly improved their virtual tour experience, and others have created it from scratch to remain competitive at a time when people are avoiding public places.

This is a great way to stay safe and at the same time learn more about important events and famous historical figures. Watching historical movies is also a good idea. Just remember to keep your critical spirit while you learn and reflect deeply on the most important events and their outcome. _ We are living in times of unparalleled uncertainty.

Maintaining a certain sense of normality in our lives is a great way to prevent stress and anxiety from overwhelming us. That’s why it is important to keep annual traditions such as the celebration of Independence Day – it’s a way for us to support each other and improve our mental health.

Show your family that you are all together during this tough period and volunteer yourself to help those within your community that are suffering the most. Empathy and solidarity are essential human values that everyone should have and make an effort to express. This crisis will have a devastating long-term impact that we might not be able to overcome on our own.