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5 Awesome Reasons Why Friends Get Into Happy Relationships

Do you want to have a happy relationship? Easy, find a best friend then marry him/her. Yes, fine! It’s not actually that easy because friends are not always the greatest and they are not always interested in a relationship with us (heartbreaking, yeah!)… Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, you have to accept the fact that love grows with time according to actions and situations, which is why it is easier to be in a relationship with a friend who already seen the best and worst of you, knows almost everything about you and has seen your heart before your body.

After all, a happy relationship requires a strong foundation, not only attraction. Keep reading to learn why friends build the greatest relationships!

1. They always have fun

The reason why many friends are close is that they share the same interests and sense of humor. They are both very adventurous or extremely introverts. In any case, they know that time together is always going to be fun! One of the keys on how to have a happy relationship is to laugh together, make the best out of any situation, and never allow boredom to creep into your relationship.

2. They trust each other

When you start dating someone you never knew before, you start trusting them slowly and carefully by testing them and seeing whether they going to stab your back soon. After all, you don’t know this person and you are getting to know them from scratch. Meanwhile, friends already know everything they need to know already. They probably have already been in situations where they need to trust each other and no one failed the other. You don’t need time to get to know them, you just have time to fall in love with them and create your happy relationship.

3. They always have great memories to reflect on

Imagine cuddling with your partner late at night, reminiscing about the times you had together when you were still friends. You have so many memories to reflect on, like the time you started falling for each other, when your friends caught you kissing for the first time, and when you actually hated each other’s dates back at that time. And today, you are in a beautiful, happy relationship! As you reflect on your journey together and have a glimpse into each other’s past, you will fall in love all over again and that feeling will never get old.

4. They understand each other’s weaknesses

Wanna know how to be happy in a relationship? Be with someone who already knows about your weak traits and is never tempted to use them against you! Many people end up in unsuccessful relationships when a partner does something (intentionally or unintentionally) that hits right into their weakness. So if you are asking “why am not happy in my relationship?”, then perhaps all you need is someone who can be a little more than a friend than a partner. Someone you can open up to easily and cry in front of comfortably, and someone who knows you enough to build a healthy relationship with.

5. They are very comfortable

The best advantage of being friends first is already feeling comfortable around that person. And yes, it can be awkward and weird to transition from friends to lovers, but because you know that person well, it will become so easy and fun! There will no weird silence or difficulty trying to communicate with each other, the lovemaking will be smooth and extremely fun because you don’t need to impress them as if they were strangers, and the best part, you can both watch your guilty pleasure shows without judgment.

After all, having a strong friendship will definitely lead to not only a happy relationship but also a successful relationship! Consider it as being in a long-term commitment with your friend who you are allowed to kiss whenever you want. It’s the best!