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5 Cheap And Easy Bathroom Ideas Anyone Can Do

Your bathroom isn’t really your favorite room in the house; unless you have a big family and it is the only place where you can find peace. So, how about a few bathroom ideas to make it unique, a bit cozier, and sparkly? Perhaps you pay less attention to the place where a human visits at least 10 times per day, but did you know that in some cultures, the bathroom is there called “the anti-stress room”? I am not kidding.

Let’s get up and try to hop on this train that will lead to a beautiful, cool AF bathroom!

1. Wooden storage ladder

Yes, a real ladder that is made of wood, and it looks vintage! This bathroom idea is suitable for anyone looking for more space in the bathroom. Put it when you find it fit, or just behind your toilet. You can keep the extra toilet paper on it, a few face towels and a beautiful plant.  If your bathroom is a little more modern-ish, then you can paint the ladder yourself in white or grey.

2. Mason jars

Those mason jars can add a fashionable touch wherever they are placed. You can choose to paint them in pastels or keep them clear, based on your bathroom decoration. So, when it comes to these mason jars, it’s up to you to use them as storage for your toiletries or keep them completely empty and with/without the lids.

3. DIY mirror

Mirrors are very necessary for every bathroom, but why would you pay a large amount of money on a bathroom mirror when you can DIY it yourself? Thats’ right. This bathroom idea is what everyone should try. Simply, get an old mirror of yours and put it on a wooden frame for that vintage look, and then you can decorate with grout or tile.

4. Floating shelves

If you are going to the hardware store anytime soon, then get a few items that are insanely cheap and will help your bathroom to have shelves. You can create rustic-looking shelves or go for modern, chick ones.  Those shelves can be a combination of storage and decorative spaces, and this bathroom idea would work best for guests’ baths where you can leave for them all the necessary toiletries.  The wood and metal hardware create these inexpensive rustic-looking shelves that also add a combination storage and decorative space to your bathroom.

A trip to the hardware store can provide a multitude of inexpensive items that you can use as brackets to hold wood shelves. Then, get some boards, finish them to coordinate with your bathroom, and you have a decorative storage area that could prompt guests to ask where you got them.

5. Wrapped wastebasket

If you don’t have a wastebasket in your bathroom, then you already doing it wrong! Every bathroom needs one to help it remain clean and free you from any embarrassment. So, once you get one, you need can stare wrapping in jute for a more natural and rustic bathroom. All you need to create this masterpiece is a hot glue gun and two of your hands. You can create or stripes or just be creative to make the ideal wrapped wastebasket for your space.

Jute adds a natural and rustic texture to your bathroom. A simple wastebasket becomes unique wrapped in jute using a hot glue gun. You can make it all one shade of jute or create stripes with multiple shades of mute. After you have created the wastebasket, consider other DIY bathroom ideas that add more touches of texture to your bathroom with jute.