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5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why A Banana Peel Is Important

A fan of bananas? You are about to become insane about them, just don’t throw the banana peels just yet. This delicious fruit is known to be a great source of vitamins and potassium, and it turned out you can do with it a lot more than eating it, you can use ist peels for many things that will surely blow your mind. In fact, the banana peels will prevent you from visiting the dentist, too!

Don’t believe me? Keep reading and see for yourself.

1. Sparkling teeth

Does a banana peel whiten teeth? The answer is yes! You only need to be committed to rubbing on your teeth for 2 minutes every day after brushing them. In 3 weeks only, you will notice how sparkly and healthy your teeth will be. Basically, the peels will remove the yellow stains without wearing down your enamel, thanks to the high levels of magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

2. Shiny shoes

Apparently, teeth are not the only things bananas peels can help shine. If you have dirty, old-looking shoes that need a little life, just rub the peels and allow the potassium to work its magic. Don’t forget to clean with a cloth after you are done! So if you are in a hurry to your date or a meeting, eat a banana quickly for the extra energy and wipe your shoes or high heels with the peels quickly. Oh, and by the way, you can also polish your fine silver with the peels!

3. Soothe bug bites

Only a few weeks left to enjoy the summer breeze and complaining about the bug bites, but if you have banana peels at hand, you will not even care! As soon as a mosquito bite you, rub the banana peels on the area for a few minutes, and it will soothe down instantly. Those tiny vampires inject us with a fluid that prevents blood clots, and luckily, the banana peels contain polysaccharides, an anti-inflammatory that helps with the itching while preventing swelling.

4. No more acne

Has your skin been breaking out lately? Don’t pop them because that will just leave a scar, just rub them down with the peel. The latter has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal your skin’s tissue. Within three days, the inflammation will be impressively reduced and will completely heal.  Easily, just rub the peels on the affected area for 5 minutes straight, then wash with warm water. Repeat the same process for three days to see results quicker. You will have acne-free skin in a few days without using any chemical creams.

5. Blooming flowers

Do you have a little garden where you grow your own flowers and tomatoes? You must have learned by now that bugs would never let them grow peacefully, especially if you are not willing to use any chemicals. Simply, just put the banana peels around, and the bugs will never come closer. Meanwhile, your flowers would appreciate the calcium and vitamins to nourish and bloom. Your tomatoes will also grow faster and tastier! To avoid creating a mess, cut the banana peels into small pieces and put them close to the roots.