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5 Signs Your Man Loves You And 5 Signs He’s Using You!

Like anything else in life, relationships are never easy. It takes patience, compromise, and, again, more patience — what with the different relationship problems. And believe it or not, love is not the only ingredient that makes a stable and successful relationship, however, it still matters.

In a world where people experience breakups more than a long-term relationship, it makes you wonder what might be going wrong. Some claim that it’s blamed on the digital age and how it has ironically ruined communication between couples while others simply say that relationships have always been that way.

Regardless, there are some things that we can all agree on: you can read the signs on whether your partner truly loves you or is just using you for whatever fulfills his needs.

Though women are capable of manipulating and taking advantage of others, a study suggests that men and women who were victims of emotional manipulation cope differently and that, contrary to the common belief, women often find support to overcome their heartbreak more than men do. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that women still feel relatively more intense pain from heartbreak, according to science.

So, let’s talk about men! Read on to find out the 5 signs your boyfriend or husband is in love with you and the 5 unfortunate signs they’re just using you!

Signs he is in love with you:
Before we move to manipulation and whatnot, here are the five undeniable signs your man is genuinely in love with you!