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5 Signs Your Partner Might Have Feelings For Someone Else!

Finding out that the person you love is falling out of love with you or starting to like someone else is probably one of the worst experiences someone has to go through.

Even though it’s hard to accept it, being aware and seeing the signs is always better than ignoring the problem that is right in front of you.

In a healthy relationship, people talk about their problems and issues instead of ignoring them or expect them to go away because they never do.

With that in mind, some red flags can be interpreted as signs your partner likes someone else, keep reading to find out what these signs are.

1. Deep inside your heart, you know something is wrong

The first and most important sign is our intuition.

Our intuition is rarely wrong. And if you truly feel that something is off, then it most likely is.

You’re probably feeling like your romantic relationship is taking a turn to the dark side. Maybe you think your partner is drifting away, or maybe you feel like he or she doesn’t look at you the same anymore.

The bad news is that you’re probably right, the good news is that you are smart enough to realize things are different, and if you notice these signs soon, make sure you talk to your partner about how you are feeling right away, it will save you a lot of time. Sometimes, it’s better to rip off the bandage before it gets infected.

2. Your partner is no longer showing affection

A relationship means affection, cuddles, love, and protection, so if you’re suffering from lack of affection, it’s a very bad sign.

If they no longer compliment you as frequently or they don’t give you a good morning kiss as they used to, then this might be a sign that maybe, they’re doing it to someone else, or want to.

Of course, it can mean other things, but normally when we go through a bad stage in our lives, like the death of a relative or stress at work, we don’t push our partner away, unless the reason is them, or connected to them.

Not showing affection when you’re in a serious relationship is not acceptable. If you’re not feeling loved, you should either talk about it or leave.

3. They’re emotionally unavailable

A good way to know if your partner is hiding something from you, especially a new lover, is if they stop talking to you.

They will avoid having big conversations with you and keep interactions short and meaningless so they won’t end up telling you something that could compromise your relationship. As a consequence, you’ll feel strong communication problems arising between you two.

Having feelings for someone else or cheating in a relationship is one of the reasons that can be causing bad communication between you and your partner.

After all, they can’t talk to you about it, at least they feel like they can’t, so they’ll stop doing it at all.

They prefer to keep everything to themselves, and they’ll try to hide what’s really going on, maybe because they regret it or just don’t want to hurt you by telling you the truth, not realizing they’re hurting you already.

4. They avoid being in the same room as you

It’s not just about the emotional distance you should be worried about; you can tell a lot by what a person is feeling through their physicality.

If your partner likes someone else, they won’t feel any desire to share a bed with you or cuddle up on the couch while watching a movie. They’ll feel extremely uncomfortable, which will make them avoid such situations.

Maybe they start “falling asleep” on the couch more often, or their boss is “making them” work extra hours, all these situations that in reality are just excuses to be away from you.

Even if your suspicious, don’t go detective on him. Don’t chase him after work to see where he ends up, don’t interrogate his parents or his friends. Don’t give him any reason to make you the “bad guy” of the story. Because in the end, you’ll have a clean conscience, and they won’t.

5. No more PDA

This is another behavior change that your partner might have that could have a deeper meaning. If you don’t know what PDA means, it stands for: a public demonstration of affection.

It’s one thing for your partner to be acting cold around you, not expressing his love through words, but maybe he hugs you and gives you forehead kisses, everyone has a different way of showing love.

But if he’s not even capable of holding your hand while you go for a walk outside, then that might mean he doesn’t want to do it.

Lack of romance in a relationship can affect the future of that relationship. We’re not saying you should constantly walk holding hands, but if he’s walking ahead or behind you constantly, at parties or social gatherings he keeps his hands busy or away from you, it’s probably because he wants to appear single, one might want to appear single for one reason only: they want to date someone else.

No matter what the situation is, if you relate to at least one of the relationship problems listed above, it means you’re not happy or loved in your current relationship.

There are only two ways to go, you either step back and break up or, if you’re serious about wanting a long-term relationship with this person, start fixing what’s wrong instead of ignoring and procrastinating. Don’t think you can talk about the future tomorrow, because tomorrow is the future.

We aren’t born relationship experts, we won’t always make the right choice or have the best attitude towards things, but something you can be sure of is that communication is the key. Wait no longer, and fix your problems today.