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5 Tips On How To Date While Social Distancing!

During these current difficult times that the world is going through, it can be a very hard task keeping in touch with reality. Social distancing might be a requirement, but that doesn’t mean your relationship or dating life has to suffer from it or come to an end.

We’re lucky to live in the world we live in, with phones, games, internet access, and all these other tools that not only provide entertainment but also make it easier for us to connect with others, whether they’re a thousand miles or a block away from us.

When it comes to dating, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for love or already found it and want to keep the fire burning.

Here, we give you some insight and tips on how to maintain a romantic connection in the making or keep a healthy relationship with your loved one.

1. Video chat

There’s no doubt that video calls are the ultimate key for a long-distance relationship. But not just romantic relationships, video chatting is the number one tip on connecting with people for the obvious reason that is: not only can you hear them, but also see them. It’s known that sometimes, intentions can be lost through text, and a simple hello can be interpreted in different ways. Through text, it might seem cold and plain, but through video, you see the expression, a smile, and a simple hello is no longer simple, but special. Sometimes, self-isolation can play tricks on us, making us go sour, angry, less understanding, and so on. Sometimes we might even forget certain face traits of our loved ones, almost as you forget their face. A video call at the end of the day can do wonders for a relationship and help you avoid a lot of misunderstandings and future discussions.

2. Fun dating ideas

You can hate all you want on technology, but the truth is online dating has never been more easy and more fun than it is now! If you’re looking for new date ideas that you can do while being distant from your loved one, check out multiplayer online games, available for your computer or phone, or some apps with challenges and cool games you can do with one or more people. Doing such activities is a great way to socialize. So, if you ever find yourself in this scenario where you’re chatting with someone but there’s no topic of conversation, and you’re just being bored together, suggest playing a game! Another great idea is watching a movie or a tv series together. How? Well, it involves a lot of coordination so you can press play at the same time, but that’s about it! You can watch a film on your tv or computer while you’re video chatting with the other person, it’s always fun to see how the other person is reacting, and there’s always a lot to talk about at the end of the movie!

3. Dating apps

If you’re single and ready to mingle, put aside all your misconceptions about dating online and give it a shot! A lot of people are unhappy with their dating life because they don’t know how to meet people, maybe because they’re shy or don’t go out as much, but these same people also refuse to download a dating app! There’s nothing wrong with joining a dating app. You might be afraid of others judging you, but in reality, you’re the one judging yourself. Of course, dating apps have their downsides, but they can be pretty fun! There’s Tinder, which more people use, but if you’re hesitant and you’re a girl, Bumble might be the best option since girls make the first move! If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea but still want to meet people, there are a lot of apps that consist of meeting strangers for different porpuses, like learning a new language! So, you’ll be meeting someone while learning something new, and who knows, maybe you can find a real romantic connection!

4. Time for social media

There’s no better time for spending time online and investing in your social media accounts than now. Maybe you’re not the most sociable person online, but you’ll notice that even though social media might cause a lot of harm, during these times, it’s the only thing that keeps us together. Now, more than ever, people are sharing their experiences, what they’re doing, their fears and opinions, and you should share them too! Think about it, your friends in social media are most likely friends you have in real life or people you met at a certain time of your life and lost contact, but seeing each other’s photos and online activity brings a certain peace to our minds and hearts. After all, deep inside our hearts, we cared or still care about these people, so it’s nice knowing how they’re doing and being able to help if we notice something is wrong. If you’re having a hard time, you can just unburden via social media, and you’ll notice people will come to you, maybe not all, but a few will care, and that will be enough.

5. Keep texting!

Let’s say you’re not the biggest fan of video chatting, or maybe you just don’t have enough privacy to do it in your house. Texting online is the best way on how to maintain your relationship while social distancing. A simple “good morning, how are you doing” text will be enough to keep a relationship going and show you care and that you’re there for that person. Even if you’re in a long term relationship and neither of you feels the need to be in contact 24/7, it’s always nice to show and receive affection in some type of way. A good night text won’t hurt anybody, and during these days, it’s almost a way of declaring your love for the other person! Even though self quarantining may intervein with our daily routines, and consequently affecting our bodies and minds, keep in mind that isolating ourselves is not the answer.

Remember to keep in touch with your friends, family, and don’t lose track of your romantic relationship. After all, this is just a phase, so use this time to do the things you always complained about not having time to do. Whether that’s working out, reading a book, or simply sleeping more! The goal here is not to forget how to connect with people, and no matter how hard it might seem, it is not impossible!