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5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter!

Even though the Winter can be a lovely season, the meteorological phenomena that usually take place around this time of the year can be a danger to your safety. While it’s vital that you try to protect yourself during the cold weather, it’s also very important that you engage in some winter preparation to keep your home safe as well!

Home maintenance is important all year round, but especially during a particularly rainy and windy season. To help you prevent any disasters, we bring you 5 useful winter home maintenance tips!

1. Check Your Windows And Your Doors

Winter home tip number one: Keep yourself cozy. More important than covering yourself with layers and layers of blankets or turning on all the heating devices in your home, you should be worried about checking for any window or door leaks. These gaps and leaks will allow cold air inside your home, which can be bad for your health. Not to mention that your heating will also escape, which represents a waste of energy and money.

The easiest way to detect these gaps is by putting your hand close to the openings in order to feel for cracks. However, visual inspection is also important. If you detect unusual movements on your closed doors and windows, the chances are that there might be a leak somewhere. Another way to check for leaks is through the candle test. Turn off all the heathers, furnace, and fans around your home and close all the windows and doors. Light up a candle near the doors and windows and see if the flame moves. If it does, it’s time to start repairing those gaps. If you don’t feel like doing this work by yourself, seek the help of a professional!

2. Do A Full Check On Your Furnace

Before Winter begins with full force, check and see if your furnace is still working. One of the most valuable winter tips for homeowners is to change the filter on your furnace every three months. It’s the best way to ensure that this device functions properly, according to experts. Then, try to adjust the temperatures on your thermostat to make them energy efficient. 22°C during the day is the recommended temperature, and 20°C at night should be enough. Of course, this will depend on your tolerance when it comes to cold weather.

If you decide to go on vacation during the winter season, do not turn on your heater. Keeping it turned on to at least 10°C can prevent the bursting of your water pipes if they freeze. To ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones, be sure to equip your household with carbon monoxide detectors. Your furnace might release dangerous levels of this gas, that can be poisonous and cause oxygen deprivation. Test this device often, and do not forget to change its batteries.

3. Protect Your Garden And Keep Your Gutters Clean

While Autumn is magical and amazing, the falling leaves that accumulate on your roof’s eavestroughs can keep the snow and the ice from draining properly. This can result in extensive damages to your roof. Be sure to clean it up before the rainy season begins. If you have been tending to your garden during the Summer and it’s thriving, the Winter is not the time to slack off. Protect your plans from the cold weather. If you don’t know how, talk to your local gardening shop and see if they can help. And to finish, an exterior safety tip for Winter: Be sure to drain all of your hoses, as the cold weather might cause them to burst if you leave water inside.

4. Clean Up Your Garage And Your Storage Units

There are a lot of things that shouldn’t be left outside during the harsh winter months. From gardening tools to your own car, you should make sure that you have enough garage and storage space to keep them protected. Plus, it’s time to dig out your snowblower and keep it at hand. You never know when you’ll have to clean up after a snowstorm. A shovel and an eco-friendly alternative to salt can also come in handy during the cold season.

5. Invest In Pest Prevention

Winter can be hard on everyone, not just humans. As a result, small pests like insects or mice might be looking for a warm place to stay. But your home is not a pest hotel, is it? Check your home for any gaps or cracks that might allow these tiny creatures to sneak inside. Clean inside your home, and keep the surroundings tidy as well. Try to empty your garbage can as often as possible to keep small rodents to come over and try to scrape for leftover food.

If you have garbage bins outside, make sure they are properly covered. Even if the house you live in doesn’t belong to you, it’s in your best interest to inform your landlord if something poses a danger for you or other tenants in the building. As a tenant, be sure to clean up after yourself and keep your home and the surrounding areas clean and clutter-free. Be vigilant and help protect yourself and those around you from the many dangers of Winter!