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5 Weird Products You Can Use To Clean Wood Furniture!

Deep cleaning your house doesn’t need to be an expensive process. We know that people tend to believe that they need all sorts of cleaning products to keep their homes spotless, but in reality, cleaning can be cheap and easy if you choose to engage in some DIY.

You can create all sorts of household cleaners using nothing but products that you usually have at home, even when it comes to cleaning wood. Learn how to keep wooden floors clean and shiny and properly clean your wooden furniture using nothing but common household products.

1. Use beer to clean your furniture

If you are ever drinking beer and get distracted and end up with leftover stale beer inside the can, don’t throw it out – instead, repurpose it and use it to clean your wooden furniture.

All you need to do is dampen a soft microfiber cloth with the leftover beer and use it to wipe your furniture gently. It’s a great replacer for your typical wood cleaner spray, and it will leave your furniture clean and shiny. Plus, you end up avoiding waste – the planet will be thankful!

2. DIY Wood Polish

You are cleaning your house, and you find out that you ran out of your store-bought wood floor cleaner – what do you do? Run out to the closest store and get a new one? What if we told you that you could make your own wood cleaner, DIY, and barely take any time and effort?

Get a spray bottle and mix 1-part white wine vinegar with 3 parts vegetable oil and apply this mixture to your wooden floors.

Make them shine by rubbing them gently using a soft clean cloth and keep it up until your feet absorb the full product. Now that you know what to clean wood floors with, you should also know that this homemade cleaner can also be used on wooden furniture.

3. Tea can be the perfect cleaner

But if you prefer a homemade wood cleaner without vinegar, we also have a solution for you. Your hardwood floors will look spotless if you clean them with something as simple as… black tea.

We know, it seems hard to believe, but the truth is that black tea has the power to make your floors shine. Fill a quarter of a bucket with boiling water and add a couple of bags of black tea.

Let them sit for 10 minutes, more or less, and remove the bags. Then, dampen a soft cloth in the tea and proceed to clean your floor. After it dries, you will notice a unique luster – and it’s all-natural!

4. Baby wipes are an easy hack

If you have company on the way and you suddenly notice that your furniture is not presentable, you can solve this issue in no time using baby wipes. It only takes a few seconds to clean your furniture using baby wipes, and the truth is that it will look shiny and spotless either way. It’s not the greenest alternative, but it can be quite useful when you need to do some fast cleaning.

5. Don’t allow polish to build up

If you are the kind of person who keeps polishing their wooden furniture, you need to be careful not to allow polish to build up.

Polish can make your furniture and floors look amazing, but if you don’t spread it evenly or use too much, it can leave behind a stain or a dull finish.

If this happens, sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch over the affected areas and then wipe it out using a microfiber cloth. Yet another surprising wooden cleaning hack using a household product, right?

Did you know you could use any of these household items to polish and clean your wooden floors and furniture? Have you ever tried any of these? And what other wood cleaning hacks do you know of that are as good as store-bought products? Let us know!