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6 Body Language Signs Someone Dislikes You!

Most of us tend to be very quick to judge others, but we are remarkably oblivious to how others perceive us.

If you have a strong intuition, you’ll probably know right away when someone dislikes you or is acting fake towards you, but if you choose always to see the best in people instead of the worse, you might be surrounded by fake friends and not even realize it!

Reading body language is something that everyone should learn. After all, we mostly communicate our true feelings through actions and body language instead of our own words.

If you’re intrigued on the matter and even more curious to know if you have someone in your life that dislikes you, keep reading to find what these six body language clues someone hates you!

1. Crossed Arms = Crossed Heart

If it’s not cold, there’s no reason as to why one person would cross their arms when having a conversation with you unless they’re not open to whatever it is that you’re saying. Think about it like this, whenever you’re angry with someone, or having a discussion, most of the time you’ll find yourself with your arms crossed. This means you’re not open to hearing what your partner has to say, and even if you’re hearing them out, you already made up your mind about being mad at them. Even though it’s an unhealthy attitude that is only providing bad communication, most of us still unconsciously do it. So, next time you’re talking to someone face to face, notice what they are doing with their arm

2. No Eye Contact

Being unconsciously shy and avoiding eye contact is one thing, but purposely avoiding to look into someone’s eyes during a conversation, is extremely disrespectful. Even though there might be a lot of explanations as to why someone would do this, still none of them is positive. Whether they are annoyed by you, hate you, or are lying to you, these are all reasons for lack of eye contact during a conversation. If someone doesn’t like you and wants you to know they don’t or want to intimidate you, they will make sure not to look into your eyes and you’ll know they don’t like you right away.

3. They Don’t Want To Be Around You

Unless you’re in a teen drama movie where the mean girl is constantly harassing you and coming after you, then there’s no reason why someone that dislikes you would want to be near you. Let’s see it like this, you probably adore your best friend, and they adore you back, so neither of you have any type of problem invading each other’s personal space. You might hug, kiss, or simply stand near each other, this means there’s completion, and of course, there’s friendship going on.

But let’s say you have been partnered up with this one person you don’t like for a school project, you’ll probably have to sit on the same table to do it, but you’ll probably keep a “safe” gap between you two. It’s very easy to see how comfortable someone is in your presence. If you want to test it, try standing near them, are they taking a few steps to distance themselves from you?

4. Text Messages Turn Into Emoji Messages

Non-verbal communication isn’t just about the way your body moves, but it can also refer to texting. Usually, we tend to text whole paragraphs to our best friends and people who we trust. We don’t hold back on spamming them with texts, emojis, and gifs. But when it comes to those people we don’t like, we tend to keep our messages short and simple, and what is simpler than an emoji? Replying with thumbs up or a simple “Ok” is the same as saying, “Got it, don’t care, bye.” We don’t want to engage in any further conversation, so we end the conversation right before it even started. Start paying attention to your “friends” and see if any of them do this. If they shut you off with emojis and blank answers, then maybe it’s time to dump that friend.

5. Their Feet Position Says A Lot

One of the last signs someone hates you might just be hidden in their feet position when they’re talking to you. According to a lot of body language experts, your feet will point away from someone you dislike every single time you’re engaging with them. In this situation, your feet will probably be pointed towards the nearest exit, just like you’re ready to run away as soon as the conversation stops. Let’s say you’re walking, and the girl you hate calls you. You might turn slightly around after a few seconds, but your feet won’t turn at all.

Again, you want to keep it short and simple, and turning completely towards the person, feet included, is only letting the other person know that you are open to whatever they have to say. Of course, this rule only applies when there’s a conversation going, so try to take a glance at their feet without being too obvious, and you’ll know right away how they feel about you.

6. If Everything Seems Forced, It’s Because It Is

Some people are better at faking than others. However, a fake smile can always be spotted. The same goes for facial expression. Whenever someone hates your guts but wants to act sweet and empathetic towards you, even if they are very good actors, they’ll end up revealing their true selves, even if just for a few seconds. This can happen by turning their face from you and rolling their eyes or fake laughing at your jokes. Someone who does this is someone that doesn’t care about you. If you feel there’s something sketchy going on with the way they act around you, you’re probably right.

Our intuition is rarely wrong, so it’s best always to trust it. Now that you’re aware of these signs, someone doesn’t like you, we hope you start paying attention to these red flags and drop whatever toxic person is waving them at you. It’s always challenging to do so when this specific person is a close friend or even a family member. However, you have to think about what’s best for yourself, and that is being surrounded by people who truly love you.