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6 Clear-Cut Signs You Are Not A Monogamous

Oh boy, how different the world has become! To many people, what is happening in Western society is chaotic and too ‘unnatural’, while others believe that finally, humans are starting to accept their truth. Have you heard about monogamy and polyamory? Well, here is the deal: Many people think that relationships are not meant to be shared with one person only, and monogamy is not the only way to show your love. According to the history of the human species, polygamy was very normal, but as we evolved, our relationships developed a direct link to morals. But, don’t you think that forced monogamy is what leads to repeated cheating scenarios? Before you judge, if you think that monogamy isn’t the right fit for you, then you should read on. And if you still think polyamorous relationships are insane, then you also may want to read on, to learn more before putting a judgment.

1. You are a hype extrovert who is passionate about relationships

One sign that you are a polygamist is the fact that you reading this article right now, and it’s probably not the first one, and not going to be the last! You think about polyamorists often, dictated your life to relationships and dating one after another with no problem. If you are an introvert, however, then knowing for sure might be a bit difficult because non-monogamy relationships can be overwhelming because they need a lot of talking and communication. Who is really has the energy for that?

2. You truly enjoy communicating

Take a deep breath and think about the possibility of communicating with multiple partners at the same time who, by the way, are okay with you being with others. Does it feel cool, fun, interesting? Well, that might be a good sign that a non-monogamy relationship would work great for you. Having to communicate with multiple partners doesn’t feel like something you are willing to do only, but something you are going to enjoy fully!

3. You LOVE to share!

Of course, we learned to share our food, clothes, games, and many things with our cousins and friends since we are toddlers. But is your love for sharing includes other people? Let me be more explicit. Would you like to share your gorgeous, loving partner with someone else and feel totally okay with it? If your heart feels good about it, then you are not into monogamy, my friend.

4. You enjoy challenging emotions

Monogamy is about having one partner for as long as you both want to, while polyamory is being totally okay with seeing others bounding with you and your partner, which means you need to forget about jealousy and those ”are they going to like other people more than me” thoughts! If you can face such challenging emotions as jealousy and insecurity, and having to work them all through with multiple partners, then congratulations, you are not meant to have a monogamous relationship.

5. You are not bothered by dating a non-monogamist

Will you actually feel totally fine if you see your partner dating someone else (with your consent, of course)? Answering yes means you and monogamy don’t belong together. However, keep in mind that being poly is way different than wanting to be only affectionate with others without sharing your partner – that’s cheating! Many people confuse the freedom of bed-partners with polyamory, which leads to many unresolved issues with the ones they love. If you want to make sure you are doing something wrong, confront your partner first, and get consent!

6. Non-monogamy relationships seem ideal

If you are currently dating one person exclusively, and the idea of polyamory sounds tempting, then I have news for you! However, make sure that the structure of monogamy is what boring you and this exact relationship because if that’s the case, then you just need to break up and find the right partner for you. To know the difference, ask yourself this: How would it feel not being with your current partner? Will you be sad or relieved? finally, remember that polyamory is not for everyone and it’s normal that many people are still confused by it because it’s kind of in vogue right now. If anything makes you uncomfortable, just simply take a step back and realize what will actually work for you… Just don’t hurt yourself or anyone in the process! Good luck.