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6 Ways On How To Fix Slippery Floors

Did you know that every time someone falls, it’s 99% due to slippery floors? Fortunately, most of these falls don’t end up in death, but they do end up provoking broken limbs and sometimes even trauma.

There are many causes of slippery floors, maybe you spilled something on the floor that made it greasy, perhaps you used a lot of floor polish, or perhaps you’re just using the wrong cleaning products for your floor.

No matter what the case may be, we are here to tell you five amazing tips on how to get rid of slippery floors, so you don’t slip and fall ever again.

1. Floor Mats Are Your New Best Friend

The quickest and easiest way on how to deal with the slippery floor is by throwing carpets and rugs over it. Depending on the area where you have slippery floors, you can either buy Anti-Slip mats for the dining area or kitchen or, if your whole house suffers from slippery floors, consider changing your floors to carpet. In case you didn’t know, carpet is the top flooring material in the US, especially for bedrooms because it’s super cozy.

It’s also considered to be way cheaper than hardwood floors. However, there are some cons. Unfortunately, this type of flooring usually doesn’t last as long, and it requires more maintenance since it tends to accumulate more dirt.

Since we’re talking about mats, it’s also always good to have a doormat. There are many different designs and colors you can get depending on your style. Whenever people go to your house, it’s the first thing they see, your entrance door. So make sure you always have a mat there, so people feel welcome and clean their shoes before they get inside your house.

2. A Clean Floor Is A Safe Floor

Anytime you spill something on your floors, or you take off your shoes after a hot day and leave your floor sweaty, please clean it up right away! You might think it will dry off, but in reality, it’s just a slip and fall accident waiting to happen.

When it comes to sweat, try always to wear slippers when you’re inside, remove your shoes at the door and switch to your comfy home footwear. If you prefer being barefoot, having a cloth or some baby wipes next to the front door could also be a way of cleaning and drying your feet.

3. Use The Right Floor Cleaner And Polish

The wrong use of products could damage your floors to the point of no return. The best way to pick the best floor cleaner for you is to understand what type of floor you have, porcelain, hardwood floor, vinyl, and so on. After this, all you need to do is stick to products that are specifically made for your floor.

And even when buying these products, you should always test them out in a small portion of the floor. Pick a corner and place the product in a small area, then, wait and see if it’s slippery or not.

4. Use A Degreasing Agent In Areas That Are Typically Exposed To Oil

Garage and kitchen floors are some of the hardest to deal with. Want to know what makes them so similar? Greasy and oily floors. Garages are full of stuff, dust and of course, cars. Kitchens, because we spend a lot of time cooking, end up being a natural habitat for a lot of germs, leftover food, and grease from previous days, weeks, or even months.

And no, cleaning these floors with a mop and some water won’t do much. Your best option is to find a floor detergent designed to clean grease and oil from the floors effectively so that they won’t get slippery.

5. Clean all floor area

Because all the left behind dirtiness, you should always clean everything thoroughly. Not moving your furniture or washing machine while you clean the floor is not the most effective way to clean it, especially when there are things like residues of soap, powders, and grease on the floor that can contribute to an overall slippery floor.

Of course, you won’t have to do this every day, not even every week. But once a month at least you should take some time to clean all the floor area and not just the “visible” part.

6. Use A Dry Floor Mop

What’s horrible about greasy and oily floors is their ability to cling onto anything that comes near. Even if you use a cloth, the grease will transfer to the fabric, so rubbing it again on the floor won’t help. That’s why it usually takes a lot of scrubs, products, and cloths to eliminate grease from anywhere.

A dry mop, however, is the best way to end your cleaning process. Let’s say you’re cleaning your floors with a regular wet mop and using some products. After you’re done, you can still see or feel some greasiness on the floor.

This happens because the mop is so dirty from cleaning all the floors in your house that it ends up transferring more oil than cleaning. So if you still notice your floor is slippery after cleaning it, simply use another dry mop to remove the extra greasiness that was left behind by the other mop. This is why it’s essential to clean your mops every time you use them in a certain house area.

Now that you’re aware of what you need to do to get rid of those slippery floors, what’s your ultimate decision? Before committing to something, think about the environment you live in, maybe carpets can be a great addition if you have kids or plan on having babies since they can crawl or even fall on the floor without getting hurt.

On the other hand, if you live in a warm country, maybe keeping a hardwood floor is the best option. In any case, always remember to select the adequate products for your floor, and don’t forget they also need to be cleaned now and then.