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7 Annoying Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Ladies, if you are wondering about all the annoying things that guys don’t like, then expect an unlimited list. As the old saying goes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars, so the differences between the two genders are undeniable.  Both sexes have their own habits and quirks that annoy each other, and to this day, we still can’t wrap our minds around how both brains are wired. So when women are trying to put up with men’s mysterious ghosting and their cold and hot game, men are also trying to fathom the clinginess and the always-close-to-cry women.

It’s hard to collect all the annoying things girls do that guys really hate, but here are the most common ones. 

1. Tuning out when you are on the phone

Do you find it annoying when your male partner ignores you to play video games? The same goes for you and your obsession with social media. You can play with your phone and scroll through social media for as long as you want but on your own time. The annoying thing is when you keep checking your phone when you are both together talking or eating – it’s just rude!

2. Taking hundreds of selfies

Wanna know what guys hate? You, forcing him to wait while you take millions of selfies, or even worse, make him take those pictures of you. Understandably, your makeup and outfit look flawless today, but you don’t have to take that many pictures. Men find it a sign of you being obsessed with yourself in an unhealthy way. But if you want my completely honest opinion: If this “annoying thing” is how you boost your self-esteem, then don’t stop…  Don’t worry about him; he will be fine!

3. Saying you are fine when you are clearly not

Another annoying thing that guys hate is seeing that you are clearly upset, but you say that you are fine with no further explanation when asked. At that moment, your male partner is aware that his life will become a living hell later on, and he doesn’t even know why. It’s always one of two: whether he truly can’t figure out why you are upset, or he pays little to zero attention to know why. In any case, it’s best if you opened up at the very beginning to prevent any bigger issues.

4. Gossiping

Honestly, men also like to gossip, but only when they are involved in the juicy drama. But generally, women are more into “spilling the tea” about their coworkers, neighbors, and family members. So when it has no benefits for him, he will not care at all, especially when you get a little too existed, loud, and obnoxious talking about it all. This is why he needs to go to the bar and spend some quality time with his friends. Doing “macho” guy stuff helps him feel like a man. (That’s the annoying thing he does!).

5. Complain about your weight while doing nothing about it

Just like you have types when it comes to picking your partner, the same goes for him. So since he is with you, he is absolutely in love with your shape, but you know what he hates? You complaining about your weight, night and day, without looking for a solution. But what he doesn’t understand is, sometimes, when you complain, you might be only fishing for a compliment or a little affirmation that you are attractive. Instead of annoying him, you can just come clean and speak your mind… he will appreciate it!

6. You take too long to get ready

All men appreciate how much care women put into their appearance, but what guys hate is when you take too much time and end up late because of it. To them, it’s a very annoying thing that must be solved, and I have a solution for both of you: Start getting ready a little earlier. That way, you can still look amazing and he can stop being mad. It’s a win-win situation!

7. You compare yourself to other women

Do you really, really like it when you tear yourself down because of another woman? It’s an annoying thing that guys hate, and you should, too. All women are beautiful, attractive, and smart in their own way. When you point out other women, thinking they are prettier than you, your man will be annoyed. Keep in mind that self-confidence is attractive. The more confidence you show, the more he will be into you!