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7 Creative Things To Do With Gloves

We all have gloves hanging around the house that we might use for house cleaning, gardening porpuses, or simply wear them for a cold day. But what if you could use them for other things as well?

After all, just because they are disposable gloves or the fabric is old and ugly, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with them and use these gloves for other purposes instead of throwing them away! In this list, we will share with you 7 ideas about things to do with gloves that are easy to achieve and can be very useful in your everyday life.

So what are some of the unexpected things you can do with gloves? Keep reading to find out!

1. Latex Gloves Are Great For The Cold Days

Yes, you read that right. Even though you might use normal warm gloves for the winter, that doesn’t mean they do a good job when it comes to keeping your hands warm.

The fabric that winter gloves are made of might be warm and thick, but normally it doesn’t provide a lot of insulation, which means the cold air will always penetrate through the tissue.

This is why one of the best unusual uses for gloves is to wear one pair of latex gloves underneath your normal winter gloves. The rubber material contributes to better isolation that will keep your hands in a warm temperature.

Besides that, rubber gloves don’t allow water to reach your hand, so you get warm and dry hands, even if you catch some rain.

2. Dusting A Chandelier

Look at your chandelier right now. Does it look clean? Try to get closer and look at it. Still clean? Chandeliers are one of the main sources of spider webs and dust.

And because they’re something that’s out of reach for us, we tend to ignore this item when we’re cleaning the house. This contributes to the accumulation of dirt, which is not healthy, especially for those who are allergic to dust.

A fabric glove is the best option for cleaning this item. Grab an old glove that you don’t wear anymore and wear it in your hand. Then dip your hand into a bawl of window cleaner so you can soak the glove entirely.

This will allow you to clean your chandelier thoroughly without missing any spots because you’ll have a higher precision of the areas you’re cleaning. On top of that, the window cleaner will leave your chandelier shining and looking brand new!

3. Making A Muppet Show

This one is a favorite of the big families. If you have kids, you can either do this one with them or for them. It’s very simple, and it’s a great source of entertainment for both kids and adults!

It basically consists of creating a character or a face for each finger on the glove, so when you wear it, it looks like you have characters on all of your fingers, and you can move each one while you talk to create something like a muppet show!

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make a fake tv out of cardboard to make the experience feel more authentic.

4. Removing Pet Hair

If you’re worried about having your house full of pet dander, worry no more! The easiest way on how to get rid of pet hair is by using a rubber glove. All you have to do is wear a rubber glove on your hand and soak it in some water.

Remove the excess water from it and start rubbing your hand in a cleaning motion against whatever fabric or furniture you’d like to remove hair from. This technique works effectively in couches, shelves, clothes, and so on. The pet hair will hold on to the wet glove effortlessly.

5. Cleaning Your Knick-Knacks

Just like we have mentioned, gloves are the best way to reach and clean certain areas you can’t usually clean with a normal piece of cloth. Delicate objects and ornaments you might have in your house are a great example of items that are hard to clean.

Normally these items are too small or too delicate, and we feel scared to even come near them. But when you have a glove on, you have way more control of what you’re doing and the pressure you’re applying to each object. So a pair of gloves and the right cleaning products are everything you need to clean these fragile items

6. Make A DYI Stuffed Toy!

If you have kids or you want to surprise someone with a cute and original gift, you should put your creativity to the test and try making a stuffed toy out of a simple glove! All you need is a glove and some material for the stuffing. It can be cotton, sand, or some small pieces of styrofoam.

Then, the rest of the materials will serve as decoration, paint, stickers, patches you can sew, the sky is the limit. Depending on the toy purpose, you’ll know what’s the best material and decoration for the toy to have. Then, don’t forget to stitch everything in place, and you’re done!

7. Drawer Freshener

While on the DYI subject, another thing you can do with a pair of old gloves, is to turn them into fresheners that you can place inside your clothes drawer to keep them smelling fresh. You can put some dry herbs or tea bags inside the glove and stitch it up so the herbs won’t come off.

Whenever the smell fades away, you open the glove, wash it, and place some new herbs in it again. Easy right? We all know the normal uses of gloves! They’re used for cleaning, protecting our hands, and they can even help us opening a jar when our hands get too slippery. But what we didn’t know until now is how to use gloves at home in a creative and useful way!

Fortunately, now you’re part of the small percentage of people who are aware of these glove hacks, but just because you learned something new, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it to yourself. Don’t hesitate to share these tips with your friends and family, they will appreciate it!