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7 Signs Someone Genuinely Likes You

How many times do you enjoy that someone liked you but got frustrated when you found out that wasn’t the case? In fact, it is very common to be mistaken about how someone else feels about us. Either for more, when we feel extremely desired, and deep down, he is not even paying attention, or for less, in the case where he does not even perceive himself as several images showing affection on the part of another. Exaggerated or insufficient perception is proof that the signals you took as a basis were not the most assertive.

Okay, let’s be fair. Sometimes the responsibility is not exclusively yours, but also the lack of objectivity of someone expressing their feelings. It would be easier if everyone explained clearly how they feel, right? It turns out that rationalizing emotions is not so easy. That is why it is so difficult for many people to make decisions about their feelings.

And now, how do you know someone likes you? Don’t worry. There are some signs someone likes you that are possible to notice even if that person doesn’t fully know it yet.

Check out the top seven, and be wise!

1. Being close to you is a pleasure for him

One of the main signs a guy genuinely likes you is the desire to be close, if only for a few minutes. This is a sensation that everyone seeks. Think of everything that gives you pleasure, in every way: you want it more and more. But when it happens more often than once a day, you become addicted, and you will feel like it is a stick. So, be careful to know how to analyze case by case. The main signs that he enjoys being with you are the constant expression of smiles, the enthusiasm in body language, and the attention with which he listens to you.

2. What you think and feel matters

This is a very important sign because it distinguishes narcissism disguised as attention from the true interest in the human being that you are. In fact, one of the psychological signs someone likes you is genuine respect for your subjectivity. The real personality does not show itself right away, so he will likely start conversations on various topics to get to know her. That is, far beyond his physical appearance, he appreciates his inner world. That is your thoughts and your emotions. Therefore, a natural consequence of this interest is his effort to guarantee his well-being. It is not just about buying objects or pampering yourself with futility, but above all, simple attitudes that show care and concern.

3. He respects your time

Although we are all driven to live at an accelerated pace of life because of the incessant demand for productivity, each person has his own time. This is natural: all ecosystems on the planet have their speed, their plays, clubs, and stops. Every sudden interference that changes the rhythm of nature has consequences since all beings and species are interdependent. Therefore, he mustn’t run over his wants and fears. If he respects his processes and rhythms, it is a sign that he genuinely likes you.

4. Text messages and calls are regular

Keeping in touch is also one of the signs a guy genuinely likes you. If he repeatedly wants to talk to you, text you via virtual communication apps or make a phone call, it is because talking to you is a spontaneous desire for him. In addition to the search for contact itself, other signals are important to understand whether this interest in you is really genuine. Pay attention to the content of the lines. That is, more than the number of messages and calls, observe the quality of what is manifested by him. He asks questions and wants to know about your day? Or is it all about him always?

5. Your success is his success, and your failure too

One of the worst effects of a toxic relationship on our lives is to pull us down. So if the question is how to know if someone likes you, pay attention to this movement. If the guy you are dealing with always puts obstacles in your way, only criticizes your defects, and makes you give up chasing your dreams, get out as soon as possible. If that someone is genuinely interested in you, he would care about your goals and probably always celebrate you when you achieve them. He is a person who prefers to praise rather than belittle and encourages his autonomy and growth. This is because he wants your happiness and satisfaction. He admires you, and his success is good for him.

6. Any moment is sure to please you

During work break for lunch, during holidays, or on his birthday, he always finds a good reason to make you happy. It can be with a simple message asking if you are well or with an unprecedented surprise party: what matters is to please you and make you happy. This does not mean, however, that he is a devotee of yours. Not even giving up on himself or his desires. It is just a spontaneous way to show your feelings for you. And that he doesn’t care about manuals that calculate and indicate what each step of a relationship should be like.

7. Expressing affection for you is not a difficulty for him

For psychology, affectivity is the human being’s ability to experience tendencies, emotions, passions, and feelings. It is through affection that we reveal our feelings and create bonds of coexistence.

There are four basic types of affective experiences: emotion, feeling, humor, and passions. Each of them differs in duration, intensity, origins, and form of manifestation. If someone expresses his affection for you easily, directly or indirectly, know that this is one of the greatest signs someone likes you romantically. It is also the most obvious, but not the least. Even if you already knew that he likes you, this behavior can be a demonstration of feelings that you didn’t know before.

Knowing the signs someone likes you is not as difficult as it sounds. Here you have seven examples where you can see this interest in his spontaneous expressions, even if he does not express it explicitly. Ultimately, if you still have doubts, you can take the action of asking. Or you can start by expressing your feelings and watching his reaction.