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7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Cost Little To Nothing!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. All of us have a special someone in our life, whether that’s a romantic partner, a crush, a best friend, or a family member. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so don’t let being single stop you from spreading love to the ones around you! And if you’re in a relationship but on a budget, this list will help you find the most romantic valentine’s day ideas that don’t require a lot of money! After all, love has nothing to do with spending loads of money. Love can be expressed with simple gestures, and we’ll let you know some of them!

Let’s check the top 7 Valentine’s day presents that you can give to your loved one this year!

1. A heartfelt card

Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, and what better way there is than to write your feelings on a heart-shaped card and spray it with some of your perfume? Maybe even a poem or some song lyrics that mean something to you? And for a family member or a friend, why not write about some old memories that you have of them? Make them laugh and feel the love through your card. You can even be original and save some money by making your card. Grab some paper, scissors, paint, fun stickers, and get creative!

2. A romantic dinner

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner. Whether it’s at a fancy restaurant, a picnic, or eating pizza inside the car, what matters is that two people are together sharing a moment! Find a spot with amazing views, maybe near a river, or a high viewpoint overlooking the city, then cook some food or order it! Bring some candles and music with you to create a romantic atmosphere. And if you’re feeling the vibe, why not bring a computer and watch a movie afterward?

3. Breakfast in bed

It’s always nice to wake up with the smell of delicious food, especially when it’s right in front of you! This is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts that you can offer to your partner or even your mother! All you need to know is their favorite breakfast food, maybe some french toasts with some coffee, pancakes with Nutella, or plain cereal. What matters is that you got up earlier to make it for them. Why not add a rose to the tray for a romantic finish? Or to cause impact and a few laughs in the morning, why don’t you do your best to dress up as a server?

4. A Fun Game

Everyone loves scavager hunts, especially when it leads to a special present in the end. All you need is sticky paper and a pen. You can place a lot of them on the floor indicating a path by drawing some arrows, or you can make it a riddle game where you’re making the other person walk around the house and follow the instructions on the sticky notes to find the present. You can also make a fun hide and seek game and hide these stickers in unusual places like inside the fridge or underneath the pillows, and as soon as the other person can find all of the hidden notes, they’ll win the big prize, which can be any of the other options on this list!

5. Star Gazing

Looking at the stars is one of the most romantic things to do. You can make it more amazing by lowering the seats of your car and placing some blankets and pillows there, making it a bed for you two to lay down while looking at the night sky. All you need is a car and a nice view, most likely at a location where you won’t be disturbed by other cars or people. You can also opt for camping; you’ll be in touch with nature and share a great night’s sleep.

6. A physical picture

Nowadays, everyone has their pictures on their phones, but many people don’t have the time to look in their gallery of thousand photos to remember a certain memory. Why not print one memorable picture of you two? Whether that’s a selfie, a photo while traveling, or anything else that brings good memories. Printing a digital picture is not more than one dollar, and this way, your partner will be able to tape it to the wall and remember that moment every day. You can also buy a frame for little money so they can place it on their nightstand.

7. A romantic massage

Yup, we saved the best for last, after all, who doesn’t love a massage? It’s probably one of the best valentine’s day gifts you can offer to someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. First, set the mood by dimming the lights, place a clean, warm towel on the bed, light up some candles, find the best lotion or oils you have around the house and greet your partner like they’re entering an expensive spa. Also, make sure your technique is effective! Lookup for some tips and tutorial videos beforehand so you’re prepared to give your lover the best massage of their life! Your partner will appreciate it, especially after a long day at work!

We hope you learned that money is not an issue for celebrating things. There are tons of gifts that you can make on your own or with little to no money in your pocket. It’s also important to know the person you’re with to adapt each present to them and their personality. What truly matters is the work you put into it, and sometimes, a romantic gesture that involves preparation, planning and time, can mean much more than an expensive diamond ring that took 5 minutes to buy.