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7 Ways On How To Survive The First Year Of A Relationship

5. Be honest about how you feel

Just because you’re used to dealing with things by yourself, when you’re with someone, and you feel like these “things” are hurting you or your relationship or could damage it in the future, you should opt by being honest with your partner and lay it all on the table.

Whether you’re having problems at work or there’s some emotional baggage left from your previous relationship, your partner needs and has the right to know why you’re acting a certain way, and possibly help you with it.

Don’t keep it to yourself, sharing is caring, and you’ll feel way more relieved after.

6. Go on dates!

Sometimes we get too comfortable during the first year of the relationship. And we forget about all the fun activities you used to do in the first months together.

Of course, you don’t have to go on a romantic date every day, you should split your time with dates with your friends and also dates with yourself, but going out on a fun date with your other half is a great way to bring the spark back into the relationship.

Plan a cute date night, put on your sexy dress and heels, and tell him to dress accordingly, then do something spontaneous, like going to the beach or go bowling.

You might be wondering why you would wear heels to the beach or to go bowling, but that’s the fun part! You’re not dressing nice for the location, you’re dressing nice for the other person, and they’ll appreciate that for sure!