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7 Ways To Reuse Old Items Instead of Throwing Them Away!

Wouldn’t life be simpler if we reused things instead of spending money on new ones?

When it comes to household items, people usually don’t know how to recycle them.

But if we want to make the world better for our kids and future generations, we should start to learn to recycle and be creative with the things we have around us. From food to beauty items, everything can be reused and transformed into something useful.

Here, we’ll teach you how to reuse things you usually throw away so you can save some money while being creative!

1. Teabags

You’re probably wondering about what you can possibly do with tea bags? After all, they’re made for tea, and that’s it! But what if we told you they’re also great for beauty uses? That’s right; teabags can make baths more relaxing just by dropping a few of them in the water. It smells amazing, and it smoothes your skin!

It can also be used for puffy or tired eyes. You can simply place the bags in the freezer for 5m and put them over your eyes. The herbs have soothing effects on the skin, so your eye skin will appear tighter and fresher. If you don’t care about these beauty uses, then what about taking care of your garden or plants?

Caffeinated tea is known to help rejuvenate plants, so simply open the tea bag and spread its contents over the soil, then, watch your plant grow beautifully.

2. Plastic bags

Bags, bags, and more bags! Every house is full of them. And even though paper bags are always better than the plastic ones, they all end up in the trash after a trip to the grocery store. The thing is, even knowing that plastic should be avoided, we end up purchasing these plastic grocery bags every time we go to the supermarket or the mall.

But what if we prepared before going shopping? The first tip is to avoid purchasing or using plastic bags and opt for canvas or paper bags, but if your house is full of them, you might as well use them. Always keep at least five bags in your car, so whenever you go shopping, you can always grab those bags instead of purchasing new ones.

You can also use old bags for packages. They weight less than boxes, so whenever you need to send mail, wrapping whatever you want to send in a bag is the best way to do it. If you own too many bags, you can always donate them to small stores or animal shelters. They’ll gladly accept it because it means they’ll be saving money.

3. Terry towels

A terry towel can come in handy whenever you need to clean something. This type of cloth is great for polishing glass and cutlery. Besides that, they can also be used in the kitchen for cleaning or even cooking. One of the best life hacks when it comes to baking is to cut a strip from a terry towel; it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new.

Then, soak it in water and squeeze the excess. After doing so, wrap the cloth around the cake tin and secure it before baking. This will prevent the deformation of the cake, and it will cook evenly!

4. Old furniture

Whether you want to do a room makeover, or you simply want to throw something away because it looks old, before doing so, please think about restoring the furniture you don’t like. The easiest way to do it is by painting the furniture, no matter its size or material.

If you have a bucket of paint, the furniture will look brand new after you’re done painting it! If you truly don’t see potential in a certain item like a chair or a bed, think about what you could transform them into; shelves, support tables, flower pots, or even abstract art to hang to the wall.

Sometimes we end up throwing stuff in the trash, and after a month, we regret it, so try to be creative and give a new life to your old furniture.

5. Makeup cases

Do you know that makeup case you have in your room with a few makeup products in it? Well, as soon as you finish with the products, you’ll probably throw the case away.

But if you think about it, small cases can really come in handy sometimes, especially when there’s a trip coming, you always search for little boxes to fit some road kits.

That’s why makeup cases should be used as storage after they served their use as containers for makeup. Instead of going to the nearest store to buy a plastic kit, simply use one of these cases or boxes to put some travel essentials.

6. CD’s

Cd’s are after all made out of plastic, which is one of the major toxic pollutants out there. That’s why we should do our best to avoid plastic waste. It starts by stopping for items made of plastic, but when it comes to CD’s you probably have them hidden somewhere in your house, many of them are old and damaged.

So what can you do with an old cd? The easiest thing you can do with these items is turning them into decorations; from cutting them in small pieces and gluing them to the wall to making a fun shape, or simply turning them into cup coasters by decorating the CDs with fabric or paint.

Ultimately, if you don’t want to use the CD’s for anything, don’t throw them away in the normal trash. There are organizations out there like the Back Thru the Future Technology Disposal and the CD recycling center of America that accept donations through the mail. This way, you can send them your old cd’s to be destroyed and recycled safely.

7. Old clothes

If you enjoy vintage wear and are obsessed with being creative with fabrics, then you should never throw away any old piece of clothing you might have. There are so many things you can create with fabric. You can transform an adult t-shirt into a kids one just by adding some color and cute patches.

You can also grab a pair of jeans you don’t wear as much and dye them a different color so you can wear them again. Or, you can even find old pieces of fabric and join them all together and create a tote bag made of leather, denim, cotton, and so on. When you create something original, nobody is going to have exactly the same item as you. So if you thrive on being unique, then this is the way to go.

Now that you’ve learned about how to reuse your old items, you should never throw them away, why not make a hobby out of it? Whether you’re feeling bored at home or if you’re looking for an activity to spend time in, restoration and finding new things to recycle around your house is a great and healthy way to contribute to a better world.

It’s so fun to lay down the phone and tv remote for a while and concentrate on something else. We guarantee you will feel very proud of yourself in the end, even if you don’t like the final result, it will give you the strength to do it again and improve!