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8 Cheap Things You Can Buy Now that Can Make You Rich in the Future

You may have regretted not keeping a certain item from your childhood because you’ve seen that it costs a fortune now.

While we cannot predict the future and it’s difficult to guess exactly which items will be worth a lot of money in the upcoming years, there are certain items that expert appraisers assume will be worth so much more money in the near future.


If you have a first release or first edition of any trendy or popular clothing item, then make sure to hold onto it and try to keep it in a good condition because you could sell it for a lot of money in the upcoming few years.

One great example is shoes! Certain Nike Air Jordans’ editions are currently sold for plenty of cash nowadays.


Art collaborations are another thing that could be worth much more money later. The value of art pieces grow with time, you just need to choose wisely. Major brand names often work along with artists to create products that they sell in a limited quantity.

For example, Heineken collaborates with artists to produce unique beer glasses or popular clothing brands collaborate with celebrities to create a clothing line that has a limited shelf life. So, you should be on the look for such opportunities.


When a book comes out first for the first time, only a limited supply of books was printed because nothing guarantees that it will sell well. If can buy a new book’s first edition that could become successful and popular, then it may be worth a fortune in the future.

One good example is first edition copies of the Harry Potter series, which can be sold for hundreds of dollars now.


Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or not, you can make money out of buying an affordable bottle of wine that could be worth a fortune later. According to experts, you need to look at the market trends and take note of the way brands position themselves.

For further clarification, if some companies only produced a limited supply of a cheap product which they want to get popular, it’s a good idea to buy one before they become in high demand.


It’s actually very difficult to predict which pop culture phenomenon will interest people in the upcoming few years. But keep in mind that plenty of the collectible items, including toys, that end up being worth so much more cash have a cult following.

For instance, some old Star Wars figurines are currently sold for thousands of dollars. Note that if you buy a toy you think will be worth much more in the future, you should keep it in its original packaging to preserve its value.


A simple piece of paper which many people would just throw away can be sold for thousands of dollars if it marks an interesting event.

For instance, if you attend a baseball game where a player successfully hits the longest home run, your ticket may be valuable because it marks a certain important event in the history of the game.

And you may already have an idea about how passionate sports fans can be when it comes to their favorite team’s memorabilia.


Buying a controversial item that got pulled off of shelves can make you richer in the future. The item could be a movie, artwork, album cover, or book.

For instance, a controversial Beatles cover was pulled off of shelves and only a few people could get their hands on one, thus, it was being sold for about four thousand dollars!


There is new technology coming out every now and then, which makes it seem useless to keep old devices. But the first edition model of something can bring you a little fortune later in life, so don’t get rid of it as soon as you see the new version or a better technology.

For instance, the first edition iPods and Amazon Alexas are likely to become an interesting collector’s item.