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8 Clever Ways To Clean Your Microwave!

Cleaning your microwave can be a tedious task, but, whether you like it or not, you have to do it regularly. Otherwise, you will be left with a greasy, disgusting microwave. And who wants to put their food there? Just by thinking about it, you probably already lost your appetite.

In any case, you won’t have to suffer anymore from a filthy microwave because we are here to show you some fascinating ways to clean your microwave using only regular ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

Keep reading to check these eight incredible tips on how to clean your microwave like a pro!

1. Use wet paper towels

We’re starting with the easiest and cheapest hack on this list. You’ll need a couple of paper towels and water! This simple technique will make the hard stains and all the steam lift from the surfaces of the microwave. Curious about how it works?

Firstly, wet some paper towels. Start to place them inside the microwave and do your best to cover it entirely. Then press the start button on the highest level for 5 minutes tops.

If you don’t think these would work, try them out first! Just remember to wait for the paper towels to cool down before you remove them from the microwave.

2. Baking soda does miracles

This next microwave cleaning hack is often used if you wish to remove spills from the turntable. For this one, you only have to add some water to 1 or 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Leave this solution on the microwave turntable for five minutes and wipe it out with a piece of cloth. For this particular cleaning method, we advise that you use a microfiber cloth to remove the baking soda effortlessly.

3. Baking soda and vinegar: a match made in heaven

For this cleaning method, you’ll need baking soda, vinegar, a tablespoon, and warm water! First, mix four tablespoons in a quart of warm water. You have to make sure the powder dissolves as it should and then use a (microfiber) cloth to wipe the inside of the microwave.

After this process, mix water and white vinegar in equal parts and leave it inside the microwave for about 3 to 4 minutes or until you see that the water is boiling.

Turn it off and let it rest for an extra 10 minutes. After, open the door and remove the bowl and the turntable. Wipe the inside of the microwave vigorously with the cloth and repeat this process until it’s sparkly clean!

4. Water and white vinegar, a simple yet effective mix

This tip is super simple, as well. You’ll need a bowl, some water, and white vinegar. First things first, fill a bowl – halfway- with water and add one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Put the bowl inside the microwave and turn it on high for at least five minutes. Then remove the bowl and clean the inside of the microwave with a normal paper towel. Note: You can also clean the turntable as you would clean a dish, put it inside the dishwasher!

5. Window cleaner solution

Window cleaner is not just for windows; it can work on microwaves as well! Simply mix water and window cleaner in a bowl, then soak a sponge into the solution, and start to clean the interior of the microwave.

Be persistent and rub it vigorously, down the base, and don’t forget the vents.

6. Warm water and dish soap

This method is really simple and cheap as well. You’ll need warm water and dish soap, something we usually have in our home. Fill a bowl with warm water and add some dish soap, two to three tablespoons are enough.

Then, put the bowl inside the microwave for about one minute, once one minute goes by, remove the bowl. The steam will loosen the dirt, and all you have to do is grab a sponge and wipe it off.

7. Ever heard of Lemon juice?

Lemon juice is the best drink after a hot sunny day, but do you know what else it’s good for? That’s right, for cleaning porpuses! For this hack, you’ll need a lemon, a tablespoon, a microwaveable plate, and of course, some water.

Start by cutting the lemon in half and place it on the plate. Then, add a tablespoon of water. Place the plate inside the microwave and run it on high for one exact minute! Lastly, clean the steam and all the dirt off with some paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

8. Cleaning products

We end up this list with the least creative but probably the most used technique out here, which is using normal cleaning products! There are several cleaning products, like commercial cleaners that can effectively clean your microwave.

Unfortunately, sometimes these products leave unpleasant fumes inside the microwave and they can also leave an odd taste on your food so, if you end up buying cleaning products, try a fume-free one, and after you clean your microwave, leave the door open, so the smell doesn’t stay retained inside the microwave. You should leave the door open for several hours, so do this at night before sleeping.