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8 Effortless Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

Looking for genius cleaning life hacks to maintain a tidy house without wasting lots of time and energy? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’ve collected some of the easiest, most practical cleaning tips and tricks to help you keep your household under control.

Rest assured that all of these household cleaning hacks have been tested by many people, including some awesome bloggers, who swear by them and think that everyone should start applying them within their households.

Ready to take home cleaning to another level? Check out these 8 of the best cleaning hacks.
Once you try them out, you’ll certainly be recommending them to everyone around you.

8. How to disinfect sponges easily

There is absolutely no easier way to clean and disinfect sponges than to just toss them into the microwave and let the machine do the work for you. Microwaving your sponges is not only quick and simple, but it’s also super efficient!

All you need to do is place the sponge inside and microwave it for one full minute at high temperature. The best part about this cleaning trick is that any water in the sponge gets released and moistens the dried food particles that may be stuck on the sides of your microwave. (Don’t you just love it when cleaning gets this easy?)

7. How to get rid of floating dust particles

When you vacuum or sweep the floors, you never really get rid of dust since many dust particles get knocked up into the air. That’s why those who are allergic to dust mites are often struggling with dust that never goes away.

Well, luckily for you, the solution to this irritating issue is super duper easy! You should simply turn on the AC before you start dusting, so any floating dust will be sucked into the filter, leaving you with only clean air around.

6. How to eliminate soap scum

If you’re always struggling with plenty of stubborn soap scum accumulations around the house, then this cleaning hack is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

All you need to get rid of soap scum is one grapefruit and some salt! Cut the fruit in half and dip it in the salt, then start scrubbing the scum away. The combination of the grapefruit’s citric acid and the roughness of the salt will clean any soap scum off in no time.

5. How to clean high and difficult-to-reach places

When it comes to dusting high and hard-to-reach areas around the house, you better know a trick or two, or else you’ll be draining yourself and wasting your time for mediocre results.

One good and easy trick to clean places that are difficult to reach is to attach a microfiber cloth to your broom, then use a rubber band to secure it. (Now you can finally get those spider webs that have been hanging in the ceiling for months!)

4. How to make your own lavender laundry sponge

To make your laundry smell amazingly good every single wash, you can create your own reusable lavender laundry sponges. It’s super easy and takes almost no time.

You consider checking out several tutorials to choose the best one for you. Most of them are available on Youtube, meaning your clothes are only a few clicks away from starting to come out feeling fresh and smelling amazing every time. Just give it a shot. We’re sure you will love the results.

3. How to dust bathroom exhaust fans

The fans in bathrooms tend to get seriously dusty in a matter of days, meaning you’ll end up with a huge dusty mess if you overlook cleaning them for a couple of weeks.

But since many of us are forgetful when it comes to cleaning bathroom exhaust fans, we can simply turn to a genius trick to make things easy. From now on, just try using canned air to dust bathroom exhaust fans quickly and easily. Plus, it’s pretty affordable too!

2. Give extra scent to cleaning vinegar

White vinegar is renowned for its incredible cleaning abilities everywhere around the house. We bet you’ve used it for cleaning at least a few times, and you were never disappointed by the results!

But what’s better than cleaning vinegar? You guessed it! Scented cleaning vinegar!! You can start making your own nicely scented cleaning vinegar at home using your favorite essential oils, which provide a natural boost of aroma.

It’ll probably make you like cleaning a little bit more.

1. Lighten up your home

A lot of the time, people never think about dusting the light bulbs around the house. So if you started noticing that your rooms are getting more dimly lit, chances are your light bulbs have been accumulating dust over time and now they emit less light.

To lighten up your rooms, all you need to do is use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the light bulbs while dusting. If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys cleaning, then we hope that these hacks have proven to be of a little help to make things easier, time-saving, and/or less stressful for you.

Well, in fact, we all hate cleaning to some degree, and admittedly, we’re always looking for clever ways to make it more bearable. After all, there is no sense in wasting your time and energy when you could be relaxing in a freshly clean home or getting other important tasks done!

Now let us know in the comments if you have any other cleaning tips and tricks of your own or tell us how the hacks we mentioned are working for you. Also, don’t forget to share this article with people you know to help make household cleaning easier for them too.