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8 Items You Should Never Ever Flush Down The Toilet

Just like anything in the world, toilets were made for one reason only and it is to withstand the human waste. But of course, we always tend to make mistakes and do the things that are not supposed to be done, including flushing harmful items down the toilet. But then, we start complaining about how it got clogged and ruined our bathroom floor.

So after you recklessly threw many things in your toilet, it is time to stop in order to avoid dealing with the mess of a clogged toilet in the future. Remember that there is a trash bin for a reason.

1. Cosmetic baby wipes

Whether they are labeled as “flushable” or not, the cosmetic baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet because they will cause clogs in the future. Plus, they could terribly damage the septic systems.

The wipes don’t break down easily, which triggers a crisis in the sewer system of the country and causes damages in the million dollars pieces of equipments.

2. Feminine hygiene products

 In every female public restroom, you will likely find a sign that tells you to not flush the feminine hygiene products down the toilet… the reason is obvious! So avoid throwing any of those products, including tampons and pads (they cause the most notorious clogs).

3. Paper towels

It might be very tempting to toss a paper towel in the toilet, but that has no positive impact. Instead, it will cause many issues because they are made with more durable materials than toilet paper, which means they don’t break down quickly, so there is always a risk of them not flushing safely.

4. Condoms

 For the same reasons of the items on this list, condoms should not be thrown down the toilet. They are made of a material that can cause countless issues in the sewage system. The condoms contain latex, and it is used to withstand pressure and fluid. So obviously, that will not dissolve on its own when thrown down the toilet.

5. Diapers

The diapers that come with flushable inserts are never meant to be disposed of within the toilet unless you want to deal with a flooded bathroom and a dirty apartment. After all, diapers have to be thrown away in the trash to avoid many other issues than a messed up flooded bathroom.

6. Cotton swabs

 The cotton swabs are tiny, so we all think that they could easily pass through the drains. But never underestimate their small sizes because they have the power of being lodged in the easiest way there is.

So next time you are done using them, toss them in the trash.

7. Kitty litter

Scooping the kitty poop into the toilet seems like the logical thing to do, but it is not. The cat feces are extremely bad for the environment and the drains because once they are mixed with water, they expand and become impossible to move through plumbing. Moreover, the feces are known to spread very bad bacteria in rivers and oceans.

8. Hair

For the same reason you take your hair off your shower drain, you should never let it be flushed down the toilet because it will cause many clogs. In general, your hair should be thrown only in the trash for obvious reasons.