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8 Of The Most Useful Tips To Live Longer If You’re Over 50

“Live long and prosper” is a phrase that became famous in the 60s, when it was pronounced as a Vulcan greeting from Doctor Spock in the movie Star Trek. But it’s more current than ever after all more and more people live longer. According to the WHO, life expectancy in the world increased by 5.5 years between 2000 and 2016, reaching an average of 72 years. Turning 50 is also preparing to reach old age.

For many people, this planning doesn’t even exist: changes in the body, relationships, and life are gradually being discovered. That’s why there is little care and tips on circumventing or mitigating this process.

1. healthy food is a key to live longer

If you don’t eat healthily, then you need to rethink your habits when reaching 50 years. And even if you don’t, your body will be asking you to create a balance of vitamins so that all your organs will be functioning properly and repairing the cellular damage that happens in a natural way. Therefore, it would be wiser if you started from this day on investing in foods rich in antioxidants, such as vegetables and fruits, and those rich in healthy fats, such as olive oil and whole grains.

Also, try to reduce the consumption of sugar as much as possible. You can always rely on google to find some delicious recipes with the healthy ingredients mentioned earlier to stay fit, healthy and satisfy your foodie urges.

2. Sleep less but better

Let’s admit it. Once you are over your fifties, you will no longer need to sleep as many hours as when you were in your 30s. However, some people can develop insomnia, which can, in return, take a toll on their health and energy. To avoid experiencing this, make sure you prepare the room two hours before going to bed. For instance, you can go for low light, turn off your TV and cellphone, take a warm bath, and of course, sip on a relaxing cup of tea.

3. Take care of your mind and emotions

Those who do not take good care of their mental health are more prone to develop depression and anxiety. This means, the more you go through stress and difficult experiences, the worse things get at the level of your mental and physical well-being. Hence, the best medicine is indeed, prevention. To live longer but have a miserable life is not something you would wish for. So How can you stay mentally happy and healthy?

Simple. Stop taking every single detail in your life so seriously. Try to spend more quality time with yourself and also with the people you love. Be more active, open up to the world, establish new connections, and most importantly, dare to go for new experiences.

4. Exercise regularly and assertively

From the age of 30, we start to lose 1% of muscle mass per year. This number, which doesn’t seem relevant at the beginning, makes a huge difference up front. The important thing to do over 50 is to maintain muscle mass and gain even more through physical activity. It is the muscles that keep us independent, with autonomy for walking, getting out of bed, and other daily activities. Besides, practicing some aerobic exercise helps prevent depression, ward off heart diseases and even cancer.

5. Check your health more regularly

Make the snowball stop rolling. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation to practice physical activity, reduce dietary salt, and take the prescribed medications. The same goes for diabetes: controlling the diet is essential to keep blood glucose within the ideal range and ward off the risk of heart disease. After 50, the body responds less efficiently to health problems, so prevention is best to maintain health over 50 if you want to live longer.

6. Cultivate solid friendships

When we cultivate good social relationships, we feel happier and more willing, feel good about ourselves, and contribute to our well-being and quality of life. You don’t have to have many friendships: a few good ones are enough. The same goes for love, after all, it is never too late for dating over 50. What matters is to keep them. Even better if you can be with these people regularly and have pleasant experiences, such as trips and outings. Several surveys on the main factors of longevity cite a consistent circle of friends and family as one of them.

7. Strengthen confidence in yourself

Who doesn’t like to feel confident with their choices, with their appearance, and with their own identity? When you’re 50, it’s even more important to keep yourself safe. High self-esteem will not allow us to be shaken by opinions, criticisms, or facts that shake our structure. With that, we will avoid stress and have more peaceful times to live longer. Try to cultivate self-esteem and, if you are having difficulties, do not hesitate to seek a psychotherapist to put everything back on track.

8. Enjoy your own lifestyle

One of the biggest positives of growing older is having fewer and fewer chores daily and more time to spare. That is why many people kick the bucket, after years of submitting to patterns of behavior with which they never identified. The lifestyle over 50 can be customized without fears and worries. Very different from adolescence, you don’t have to be accountable to society, and the friendships that remain today are those that value you as you are. Living well is not an easy equation; it is an extremely relative and subjective process. But in all cases, it is a balance of different areas of life.

It is not worth being in good physical health, but unhappy from a social point of view, and so on. Therefore, try to reconcile these important points in your daily life without being rigid.