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8 Signs You’re The Selfish Partner In Your Relationship

People tend to be selfish in their relationships sometimes, and that goes for every type of relationship, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even in relationships between family members.

And if you are aware of those moments, acknowledge them and make the necessary changes, then you are on the path to a healthy relationship.

However, if those signs of selfishness are more and more frequent to the point where there is a toxicity pattern, that means you need to make some changes.

It’s easier to notice these unhealthy patterns in romantic relationships because you spend a lot of time with your partner. Everyone experiences relationship problems, but if you can’t identify toxic behaviors in your partner, maybe you are the one to blame.

This article will explore eight signs that you are the toxic person in your relationship, so you can detect them and learn how to stop being selfish and build a successful relationship.