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8 Surprising Uses For Plastic Food Wrap You Should Know

Everyone used the plastic wrap for food to properly preserve food before storing it in the refrigerator or wrap the sandwiches, fruits, or other snacks that children usually take to school, among many other uses for plastic food wrap. However, most people are unaware that this small kitchen accessory has other incredibly fantastic uses. What are the unexpected uses for a plastic wrap?

This is what we will show you in the eight surprisingly uses for plastic food wrap that will make your life a lot easier and help you to the maximum in carrying out the simplest and most routine tasks of everyday life.

1. Keeping Bananas Fresh and Appetizing

Bananas are unique fruits, tasty, and full of benefits. They improve heart health, take care of digestive and intestinal health, promote healthy weight loss, and many other benefits for human health. That is why it is recommended that you eat a banana a day. However, if you buy a lot of bananas, it is natural that over time they start to look more mature and degraded, losing that bright yellow color and so appetizing. So that this doesn’t happen, and for bananas to keep their original appearance, you only need to cover the banana stems in food wrap. This is undoubtedly one of the great uses for a plastic wrap that will help you keep your bananas looking fresher and more delicious for a longer period – as if they had just been bought.

2. Make Poached Eggs? Use Plastic Food Wrap!

Are you a fan of poached eggs? Then use plastic food wrap to make the best poached ever. It is very easy to do: cover a container with the plastic wrap, grease it with vegetable oil and place the egg in the respective plastic food packaging. Do not forget to tie a knot at the end so that the egg has no escape. After that, when the water reaches the ideal boiling point, put the egg to cook for about 3 to 5 minutes. In the end, treat yourself to what will be your most delicious poached egg ever.

3. Make the Perfect Anti-Spill Cup for All Occasions

If you can’t stand the idea of spilling liquids on the floor, on clothes, or even on your fingers because you think it makes everything sticky, it’s a sign that you need to have an anti-spill cup. The best way of spill prevention is to do one – and it’s very easy to do. You need to put the desired liquid in a cup, cover the respective cup with plastic food wrap, and make a small hole in the middle of the straw size you will use to drink. So you can go everywhere without risking liquids and leaving everything dirty and sticky.

4. Set Traps to Get Rid of Flies

Don’t you support the idea of seeing insects in your home? And what about that annoying buzz of flies that wipes out anyone’s nerves? Well, from now on you don’t need to worry anymore, since we are going to show you how to get rid of flies easily at home. It is very easy to prepare a fly trap: just cut small pieces of fruit into a bowl and then cover it with plastic food wrap. Then, make a hole with a knife in the middle of the plastic so that the smell of the fruit attracts the flies into it. And so, you manage to say goodbye to annoying buzzing sounds.

5. Accessory in the Treatment of Facial Skin? Yes, of Course!

Did you know that plastic food wrap can also be used as an accessory to treat facial skin? Yes, it is true, and it helps to obtain extraordinary results. How to use food wrap in a skin beauty treatment? It’s very simple: use the plastic food wrap with all the day or night beauty creams you usually put on your face. You need to properly spread the beauty creams onto your face skin and then cover them with plastic food wrap. The results will be surprising because your skin will be much smoother and brighter.

6. Make House Moving Simpler

All people who have moved home are well aware of work, tiredness and a headache that is having to transport all the things inside a house to another side. Even though it is little – which it never is – the plastic wrap is an object that will help you a lot and make your life easier to carry out this exhausting task. This way, wrap all the small objects in your house in plastic food wrap so that nothing is broken or lost along the way. It is a question of the organization that will greatly facilitate the packing and unpacking of all objects, making the moving house more pleasant.

7. Make a More Lasting Bouquet

Remember how you keep bananas fresher and more flavorful for longer? Well, with flowers it’s the same. If you wrap the flower stems in a tissue and then with a small piece of plastic food wrap, your bouquet will remain fresher and more fragrant for much longer.

8. Keep the Refrigerator Clean and Presentable

One of the best life hacks that you can and should put in place to keep your refrigerator always in great cleanliness and presentation conditions is to cover all shelves or rooms with plastic food wrap. It is a question of the organization that will allow you to have things properly stored and valued in their proper places. If an egg breaks or there is a spill of milk, you only need to replace the piece of plastic food wrap covering the appropriate room or shelf. These are the eight surprisingly uses for plastic food wrap you should know, and that will greatly facilitate your life and the performance of your day-to-day tasks/activities.

As you can see through the several examples mentioned above, the plastic food wrap is an excellent kitchen accessory and a powerful ally for solving the most varied problems. There are many other uses for plastic food wrap, and it is up to you to discover those that are a real asset to your life. Share your favorite uses for plastic food wrap with us in the comments and tell us what problem they managed to solve.