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8 Warning (Hidden) Signs That Your Relationship Is Doomed!

Breakups are so common while dating and are mostly the hardest things anyone can experience. They can be a result of cheating or an agreement of both parties that they are not right for each other anymore.

But sometimes, breakups can be more complicated than that, especially when you can’t tell if the relationship is doomed or if it just going through a cold phase.

Problems that cause breakups may creep into the relationship without any signal or alarm to notify us that it is time to let go.


If the idea of being physically intimate with someone else is making you more excited, then it is time to rethink your relationship. When the passion starts decreasing between couples, it only means that there is no heat or excitement anymore.

This one can be a silent sign because the idea of being intimate with your S.O could not be completely off the table, but only the idea of kissing or touching them becomes a “meh” activity to you. In this case, it is best to declare the relationship over than ending up cheating and causing unnecessary pain to your partner.


Healthy couples tend to use honesty and requests when it comes to expressing their feelings and needs. This habit could turn to harsh criticism that directly attacks the partner’s character and personality which is, in general, considered as rude and “uncool”.

When the criticism occurs, it only means that you don’t like the person as a whole, and not only his/her actions. This habit will make both of you unhappy and you will find it easy to get mad and snap at your partner, which will always lead to arguments about “who should do the dishes” and “why the bathroom seat is up” and other silly and small things that will eventually result in a break up.


Have you ever found yourself dreaming about being single, going to strip clubs, and coming back home to no one who asks you where you have been? Then I am sorry to let you know that these dreams reflect what you really hope would happen as soon as possible.

Normally, a healthy relationship is full of dreams and fantasies about the future that should be filled with joy, weddings, and children. If none of these exist in your imagination, then you have in your hands a loud sign that your relationship is doomed and is going nowhere.


This one by far is the strongest factor of breakups worldwide, as it causes many issues that are simply unfixable. Some people are way too doubtful when it comes to their partner’s behavior; becoming unhappy and uncomfortable about doing anything without too much thinking and exaggeration. To fully trust someone is a hard task especially in case of a previous infidelity.

But accepting the fact that no one is perfect is even harder! So in case you can’t trust your S.O and find it hard to believe that their intentions are not always bad, then it is time to realize that your relationship is based on an unstable rock, and it is best for both of you to let go.


You may not think twice about the reason for the non-stop arguments and conflicts, especially the ones over silly stuff. But in fact, these fights are only a sign of the calm before the storm. Going from fight to fight is a sign that something is not right anymore in the core of the relationship.

Moreover, the fights are necessary for any relationship, it is what teaches the couple more things about each other and their character. But the on-going fights are just teaching them that the relationship is doomed!

These fights don’t have to be as bad as “loud-screaming and hitting-walls” bad, some people tend to store their rage inside which harms their feelings more. The best way to fix it is to quit putting blame on each other or to just leave this toxic relationship.


Along with the relationship, there may come a time when someone loses interest in their partner, it becomes a hard task to even communicate or plan any fun activity with each other. There is a difference between getting comfortable and losing interest, though. But filling the void instead of communicating is definitely a sign of a dead relationship.

Another sign of losing interest is when you become reluctant to spend time with their friends and family, as well. All of these ‘symptoms’ are not giving a chance for the relationship to evolve and grow. Especially if there is lack of “I love you”, too! If any of these things happen, then prepare to say goodbye.


Yes, everyone is busy at their jobs and with their families. But, when you don’t want to include your partner at any activity that you may do after work and you just rather hang out with your friends or even alone, then your priorities are changing and he/she is degrading from the list.

So in case you are not bothered to spend time with your partner outside of what is convenient, then it is best to just pack your things and go before causing any damage. Because after all, there are no excuses such as “too busy” or “too tired” for spending quality time with people who you truly love.


Sometimes, the relationship may look and seem healthy and good, but if deep inside you want it to be over. Then it is over! There will be no enough reasons, solutions, or excuses for the relationship to survive if one of the partners doesn’t want it in the first place.

Other than that, it is super unhealthy to stay in a relationship that you are not interested in, it will make both of you miserable. You don’t have to feel bad for not wanting to stay and you don’t need to stay and sacrifice both you and your partner’s chances of happiness with someone else. Remember to always be honest about how you feel and end it quickly and cleanly.