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9 ways your relationship could be hurting you and your health!

Many studies have shown that happy, healthy relationships will make you live longer, while toxic ones can cause psychological and physical problems. Our health is affected by tons of factors, and most of them are related to our daily lives and the people we interact with. Many of these symptoms can happen in a healthy relationship, while others can be seen as a red flag, which means that your partner is not making you as happy and fulfilled as he/she should. Let’s find out more about how your relationship can hurt your health!

1. Gaining weight

This one is not too alarming since it can happen in any healthy relationship. Weight gain is totally common whenever in a long term relationship, as a couple, you tend to get more and more comfortable with each other, and looks and appearances stop mattering so much. You rather go out to eat together and cuddle on the couch instead of going bowling or doing other activities.

Many couples tend to be couch potatoes together, which doesn’t mean they’re in a bad or unhealthy relationship. They are just going through that comfy phase. The problem is, some couples stay in this phase for a long time, ending up gaining too much weight to the point where their health is compromised. When people are not happy or satisfied with their lives, they also tend to eat more, almost like a coping mechanism. It’s up to you to find out what’s making you eat more and gain weight to be able to stop it and become the healthier version of yourself.

2. Stress levels

Arguments, disagreements, parenting, money issues, and house chores, all of these contribute to a lot of relationship stress. The solution? Well, the problems won’t go away just like that, but through healthy communication, these problems can be solved quickly, bringing you some peace-of-mind. Physical intimacy can also relieve stress, whether that’s physical intimacy or simply cuddling on the couch.

3. Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a lot of issues and problems we face in our daily lives. A relationship should be an escape from all of this. A safe, healthy place where you could let go of all your anxiety and simply live your life. Unfortunately, in a bad relationship, you can experience a lot of anxiety. Financial issues are one of the main leading causes of anxiety in married couples. Most of the time, these problems affect both people in the relationship, causing distance between them and, therefore, lack of affection and communication.

4. Trouble sleeping

If you have been sleeping next to someone who snores or keeps moving and turning during the night, then it’s safe to say you haven’t been sleeping at all. Some people have medical issues that cause them to have trouble sleeping, and others have insomnia and other problems due to stress and anxiety. While sleeping with someone you care for and feel safe with can contribute to a good night’s sleep, if this person has difficulty in sleeping, you will too.

5. Depression

Many people suffer from depression, and sometimes, it can be caused by those who were supposed to love you and support you. From verbal abuse to cheating or even being violent physically. A lot of women and men suffer at the hands of their partners when in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, most of them end up becoming depressive and sometimes end up killing themselves because they saw no way out. Always keep in mind that a relationship is supposed to make you happier and help you bring the best out of you and not the worst. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s because it isn’t, and if you ever feel unsafe, you should immensely let your friends or family know so they can help you get out of that situation.

6. Alcohol intake

Excessive drinking is more noticeable in older men who have been married for a long time. The reason behind this behavior has a lot to do with a lack of enthusiasm, intimacy, and overall love. A relationship can be great during the first years, but it tends to freeze and slowly disappear after marriage and kids. Drinking works like a getaway from reality, where people drown their sorrows about their unhappy life. Also, when one of the people in the relationship drinks a lot, the other tends to mirror and drink as well. So, besides trying to keep the flame alive in your relationship, also pay attention to your partner’s habits when it comes to drinking.

7. High blood pressure

Just as explained above, a bad relationship leads to stress and anxiety, so it’s only normal it also has a powerful impact on our blood pressure. Researchers have found that couples who are happily married tend to have lower blood pressure, while the ones who are single or unhappily married tend to have higher levels of blood pressure. Of course, diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle are the main causes of changes in blood pressure, but stress levels can have an impact on it too. So if your relationship is leaving you more stressed than calm and satisfied, maybe it’s time to take some time off for the sake of your health.

8. Overall heart health

Did you know that those who are married have lower risks of having heart attacks and other heart problems, while those who are single or are in a toxic relationship are more likely to develop such problems? It’s believed that affection can have a strong impact on one’s heart. This means that people who feel alone and unsatisfied would have a harder time recovering from these problems.

9. Heartache

It sounds crazy, but your heart can really break after a breakup. It’s called the broken heart syndrome, where the heart enlarges, just like it would in a heart attack, except it isn’t. It consists of this sharp pain that usually occurs due to anxiety and stress. A heartache can happen at any moment and time, but in most cases, it also happens from thinking or reliving past experiences on our heads. Whenever we have unfinished business, we just keep replaying them in our heads until something is done about it. So, do yourself a favor and solve every issue in your life to maintain a stress-free lifestyle and avoid broken heart syndrome.

Now that you’re aware of all the ways your relationship can hurt your health, we hope you also keep in mind the amazing benefits a healthy relationship has to offer. If your relationship is causing you more hurt and damage than good, then maybe you need a break. On the other hand, if you feel like your relationship has more pros than cons, then you’re on the right track! There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, so, as long as there’s love and mutual respect, your connection will be able to last forever!