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Best 5 homemade cleaning products to DIY!

Aren’t we all tired of cleaning, scrubbing, and wiping using products of unknown sources that can sometimes even be inefficient? Have you ever thought of how much the cleaning products cost you every time you stop by the store to purchase a new one? How many times did you buy a new product because you were unsatisfied with the result of the one you bought just last week? If you relate to these questions or just chose to live your life green, this one is for you!

Here are 5 homemade natural cleaning products that we can all make on our own. And guess what, all the ingredients are sitting on your kitchen shelves right now!

1. The All-Purpose Spray

Let’s start with a spray that you can use for anything, and let’s call it an all-purpose spray. The best option about these homemade cleaning products is that you can customize the scent you smell every time you use one of them. Want to smell lavender? Add in a few drops of lavender essential oil! You are more of a lemon scent person? Go ahead; drop in a few of it in your homemade cleaning product! Now, let’s get to work: In one spray bottle, put 1 cup and half of hot water and half a cup of white vinegar. Add from 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’re ready to go! By the way, you can add different essential oils; it all depends on your preferences. Shake it, and your DIY cleaning product is ready!

2. Your Scrub-Free Toilet Cleaner

Now, let’s go to the bathroom and see what we can do there. What if I tell you that you can clean your toilet without scrubbing? With this homemade cleaning product, you are about to make, you just flush! All you need is one cup of baking soda and another cup of white vinegar. Leave the first to soak for an hour, then flush it, and only 5 minutes for the second before flushing again. Use your DIY cleaning product whenever you think your toilet needs a fresh start.

3. Your Scrub-Free Scour Powder

Always in the bathroom with the no-need-to scrub option, here is another homemade cleaning product for those soap scums on your tub or shower. With these natural homemade cleaning products, baking soda will become your new best friend. Yes, you guessed it right: baking soda! Now dump 2 cups of that, one cup of salt, and another cup of borax, and say goodbye to those soap scums. See? It costs pennies and almost no effort at all!

4. The DIY laundry soap

You must be thinking: what about laundry? That’s what takes more time and costs much more. Well, don’t you worry; you can make your own homemade cleaning product for this one as well. Just pick your favorite bar of soap and grate it. Don’t you like this part? Just drop it in the food mixer until it is ground. The result so far is very satisfying to touch, enjoy it for a while before adding two cups of borax to it and mixing the two. You can put them directly in the jar you are willing to store your homemade cleaning product in, close this latter and shake shake. You can also store your DIY laundry soap in a closed container of your choice. With this one, you can use 2 tablespoons to ¼ cup for each laundry load. Your laundry now will smell exactly how you want it to.

5. The Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

With all the time we’ve been spending home since the lockdown, windows become our only source of daylight. But what if that window glass is stained or dusted? It must be a pain to your eyes to look at the flying birds out there through a window stain, right? You can DIY your own homemade cleaning product for that glass and enjoy your crystal clear view in your warm couch blanket. Get your spray bottle; pour in one cup of hot water, another cup of rubbing alcohol, and only four tablespoons of corn-starch. Again, shake it and go! Use it just the way you use the cleaning product you buy from the store, spray it on the window, and wipe. Want more?

Grab your favorite essential oil bottle and add a few drops to the bottle. Enjoy the view and the smell! These homemade cleaning products are the best option if you want to economize better and clean efficiently. They will save you money and energy and help you support your green cause better. So when you are calculating your month spending and find extra cash thanks to these homemade cleaning products, don’t forget to buy yourself a treat because you deserve it.