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Bloating in the heat? This could be the reason

With these tips you will feel better about yourself again

Many people experience fluid retention, sluggishness and bloating on hot days. This is quite normal, but it doesn’t feel good. Fortunately, by knowing where the bloating comes from, you can do something about it.

Physical discomfort

Sometimes it seems as if our bodies have a love-hate relationship with the heat. On the one hand, the sun helps us to feel happier and to produce the necessary vitamin D. On the other hand, we have to be constantly protected from sunburn, dehydration and other inconveniences during the heat. For example, on hot days many people experience swollen hands and feet, and a bloated feeling.

Regulate the temperature

Nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr, explains why we often feel bloated when the mercury rises. “In response to the high temperatures, your body sweats to get rid of the heat. You lose water with that. If you don’t drink enough water to make up for this loss, you can become dehydrated. You then have a shortage of water and electrolytes, which disturbs your digestion. This creates the bloated feeling,” Lenherr explains to Red.

Slowness and snacks

“Another symptom of dehydration is slowness,” Lenherr continues. It is therefore not surprising that you prefer to lie back lazily on a hot day. Unfortunately, this can actually make the bloated feeling worse, Lenherr explains. “When we have less energy, we reach for food more quickly to replenish our energy. These are often sweet snacks, pretzels or products with caffeine. This food can actually trigger an even more bloated feeling.”

Feel better in your skin

The fact that we also expose more of our bodies on hot days means that many people feel uncomfortable with their swollen bodies. First, it is good to know that you are not alone with this. In addition, there are a few things you can do to feel just that little bit more comfortable in your own skin. With these three tips you can reduce bloating:

  • 1. Avoid dehydration

It may feel like your stomach is very full, but don’t let this stop you from drinking enough water. Take small sips throughout the day and don’t go out without a bottle of water. Coconut water can also be beneficial. It contains electrolytes that can reduce the symptoms of dehydration.

  • 2. Avoid certain foods

Some foods cause bloating, no matter how healthy they are. So, avoid these products on hot days. For many people, legumes, fiber-rich vegetables, caffeine, alcohol and soda are the culprits. If you want to drink a glass of wine or a beer, drink an extra glass of water for each glass of alcohol, to prevent dehydration.

3. Peppermint and ginger

These two plants are known for their effective action against digestive problems. On a sweltering day, you may not want a warm herbal tea, so make it a delicious iced tea. Brew tea with fresh peppermint and ginger, let it cool and add ice cubes. This way you immediately put back extra moisture.