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Here Are the 5 Ways To Turn Your Home From Gloomy To Bright During Winter!

Is your house pretty but gloomy? Or is it usually bright but looks like a cave during winter? You probably need to start making some adjustments!

Before we start, let’s activate “detective mode” by asking the following questions: Is the lighting in your house cool or is it warm? Is your home decor colorful and bright enough? Are the walls painted in dark shades or soft tones? Are the rugs and carpets dark or light-colored? Do the rooms appear smaller when they’re actually not?

Choosing the right lighting, decor, furniture, and wall paint color, etc., is important to make a room or entire house appear bright and warm rather than dark and dull, especially when it’s winter and the weather is almost always cloudy and dark.

Nobody wants to leave gloomy weather outside only to return to a gloomier home and that’s why we’re here with a list of the top five tricks to brighten your home.