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Here Are The 6 Snow Removal Mistakes That Waste Your time!

Don’t you just love winter; the cozy Christmas sweaters, the holiday decorations, the crisp air outside, the freshly fallen snow coating the streets and your yard, and burying your roof and car?!

The most annoying part of winter, beside chapped lips and slippery pathways, is the need to get out of bed earlier than usual to remove snow from around your house and defrost your car.

But wait a second, how do you shovel off snow and ice when your property looks like it was taken straight from a Disney movie? If you dread the day you’ll have to defrost your property, it means that you usually do it the wrong way!

You don’t have to waste your time and efforts if you avoid the 6 snow removal mistakes that most people make.

Read this list to see what you could be doing wrong when shoveling off snow and what tips you should follow instead.

1. Using the wrong snow equipment

Shoveling snow the wrong way is not just tiring and time-consuming, it can be dangerous and cause you to accidentally injure yourself, especially if you’re using low-quality snow equipment.

Instead of buying a cheap, poor quality snow shovel that will give you a hard time, invest in a good-quality shovel which will last for a long time and save you the money and pain of having to buy a better shovel and end up with a useless spare shovel!

Avoid that mistake by getting a heavy aluminum shovel with a strong handle and a blade that is not too wide or too narrow which will remove snow from sideways and driveways faster.

For narrow passages and lighter snowfalls, you may want to use a snow pusher or C-blade shovel instead of big shovels.

2. Letting snow accumulate

There is nothing fun about shoveling snow. However, leaving it unshoveled on your sidewalk is a big mistake that people often make and regret later, and that is not just because of the legal fine that they may have to pay ($50-$100)!

Snow becomes water and when it trickles into the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway, it damages them. Moreover, the slipper ground could cause you to slip and fall.

And let’s not forget that failure to clear snow and ice off your vehicle before driving may cause them damage. Now calculate how much money you’ll have to spend on car repair, the sidewalk shoveling fine, and the hospital bill!

Try clearing off snow soon after snowfalls. You don’t have to do it in the middle of a snowstorm (because that’s dumb), just don’t leave it there for days!

3. Shoveling too much snow all at once

This is what happens when you let the snow accumulate near your house!

Not only does it cause you to invest too much of your energy and time, but it also takes a toll on your health. Just imagine spending hours shoveling off snow in the freezing cold weather and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

You should have a plan before you start shoveling. First, wait for the snow to stop falling, bundle up warm, and then start off by clearing your doorstep, the driveway and the rest of your sidewalk.

Take a break for a good 20 minutes before starting with your roof. Use a roof rake to remove the snow or hire a snow removal professional.

4. Lifting with your back

You may have heard of the rule that says, “Lift with your legs, not with your back.” This is a simple warning against back injuries that occur due to improper lifting.

When snow is piled up and heavy, fill your shovel halfway instead of fully to avoid straining your body. Keep your back straight, knees bent, and stomach muscles tight while scooping snow with your shovel or carrying any heavy object.

Rest for a few minutes before continuing. To avoid exhausting your body, how about not letting snow pile up in the first place?!

5. Not doing warm-ups

Do you realize how big and bad of a mistake it is to not do warm-ups before shoveling snow?

Warm your muscles up before shoveling or lifting anything heavy by walking, jogging, and brisk-walking for up to 15 minutes or more. Next, gently stretch your back, stomach, shoulders, arms, and legs to avoid any injuries or muscle tear.

Before doing your warm-ups, dress up in layers to protect your body heat against the freezing cold weather.

6. Not having building insurance

What’s something that is almost as important as health insurance? It’s building insurance.

Building insurance ensures that your house is covered in case of theft and natural disasters, including damage to the structure of your house such as roof, walls, or floor, etc., that is caused by heavy snowfalls.

The costs of building insurance may vary from state to state, but no matter the price you will need it to repair any inevitable damage and save up some money!

Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated while performing the strenuous work we know as “snow shoveling!”