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Here Are The 8 Smartest Recycling Systems

Recent environmental studies unveil the grave dangers to which the planet is subject as a result of pollution of all sorts. Commercial waste disposal is increasing day after day.

Despite the specialists’ warnings and the scientific indicators, nobody seems to recognize the seriousness of the hazard. Many recycling campaigns set about all over the world, trying to call the attention of governments to the question of environmental issues, including climate change, because of the irrational acts of humans.

It seems that garbage and recycling are a collocation that keeps popping up whenever a discussion on the environment is provoked.

Few companies have introduced a bin collection, where waste can be put based on its nature each in specific bins, inclusive of a grey bin, a yellow bin, a black bin, a brown bin, and a blue bin.

What you need to pay heed to as a consumer is the management of your wastes because recycling may save one day earth, which is currently aching. There are simple things you can do at home and contribute to the reduction, re-usage, and recycling of waste. Read the article to know how would you contribute to the greening of the planet.


After having used it for a long time, your bar of soap becomes thin and not useable anymore. Most people would throw it away, but you can behave differently. Remember that you are responsible for the deterioration of the earth. You can save your thin soap scraps to turn them into new bars of soap.

How would you then recycle your old soap scraps? Very easy; take the old scraps and grind them up, but only if they are dry. Next, add some cold water and mix everything to be put in a greased mold. You need to leave the mixture in the greased mold for a few days, then remove it to get your new bars of soap ready to use.


You do not have to buy powerwall if you can have a homemade one on your own. Usually, most of your home equipment needs batteries, but when the latter is dead, do you dump them or keep them? If you used to dispose of them, maybe you should keep your energy batteries because you will need them.

The creative DIY specialists and enthusiasts put forward the best tricks and tips to build a powerwall using old batteries instead of purchasing a Tesla powerwall home depot. You can create your own battery power pack as storage systems.

One of the most known guys who managed to build his own powerwall is Peter Matthews, who used up to 4,480, 18650 batteries which can save 40kwh as far as energy is concerned. On his house’s roof, Peter has got 40 solar panels from which energy is generated.

With the help of the powerwall he made, he manages to provide the whole house with the needed energy in a very eco-friendly way.


A few years ago, before the environmental warning was delivered, many people used to buy promotional plastic bags and use them in their shopping or any other daily activities. But now, some have heard the call for help of mother nature.

They instead turned to safer alternatives which are the reusable canvas. But if you still have any bags you used to use, you could consider plastic bag recycling process. One way to use your recycled plastic trash bags is in making a usable yarn.

It is very simple; start by flattening your plastic bags after removing their handles and cutting them into tiny strips. Next, join the strips in the middle to wind them into yarn balls. Here you got an invention you came up with on your own.


The question of recycling and conserving water comes along with the issue that grey water recycling poses. Grey water is a term used to mean the sort of water that you can get for example from your dishwashers, washing machines or baths.

There are, fortunately, plenty of grey water filtration systems for home users. You can reduce your overconsumption of water by reusing and recycling your grey water.

A Youtuber named Britanny App introduced her followers and viewers into a grey water filtering system for her waste water so that she can use it in the irrigation of her garden.

All that she needed to create her filtering system was a pong pump and hose pipe. You can check out her channel to know more of her DIYs. But before going for the filtration of your grey water, you need to ensure that it is void of harmful chemicals.


Scientifically speaking, styrofoam needs ages to finally degrade in the environment. In fact, according to specialists, its degradation requires 5 centuries. So instead of dumping your styrofoam, you could reuse and recycle it to protect the environment from unneeded hazards.

Waldemar Sha, who is an instructables user, guides the interested parties in recycling their styrofoam scraps to make insulating panels.

The simplest ingredients you will need are corrugated cardboard, Styrofoam and some plaster. Put the plaster on the cardboard and cover it with the Styrofoam, then stick another cardboard to be left to dry.


In European countries, you could find a paper recycling bin everywhere you go. In shops and stores, you can get cheap recycled paper like hammermill great white recycled copy paper. In reality, the best way to handle your paper waste is finding and putting it in the proper recycling bin.

But that is not all the time necessary for you can do paper recycling by yourself at home. MakeSomething, a Youtuber, explains to the viewers how they can manage to recycle their paper waste without needing a recycling center. Get a deckle to spray using oil to avoid paper sticking.

In order to create a pulp, you need to mix up the waste paper with water. The next step involves submerging the deckle in the water tub, then add the pulp. In the final step, you should be able to remove the whole mixture from the water, then let it dry.


All things can be used twice if you think creatively with your concern over the environment and the eco-system. For instance, why would you throw your coffee grounds if you still can use them? You can use the remnants of your coffee in making biodegradable plant pots.

What you need to do is mixing together some water, flour and coffee grounds to make clay. You are given the option to either use the clay around another biodegradable pot, that you already have or create one on your own. Plastic plant pots are no longer needed.


Sometimes, if you check your water meter usage, you might be surprised and shocked. That is why you need to consider having a water-saving system. In the markets, you must have seen a combination of toilets and sinks, but you can make one on your own.

MechEngineerMike presented a guide to help you make your combo 3-D printed parts. The system functions in a very impressive way as it enables you to use water to wash your hands, then transfer it into your toilet’s rim.

The recycled water can be used in flushing your toilet. This way, you will be using one source of water, meaning reducing your daily water consumption.

Go ahead and try some of the presented tips in the article and share with us your experiment to evaluate it together.