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Here Are The Signs You Were Raised By A Toxic Family!

Family is the first institution that helps us develop communication and social skills. By watching and imitating them from a young age, we build our vocabulary as children, learn how to interact with other people, develop self-confidence, make friends, trust them, and cooperate with them.

Sadly, not all children grow into confident, honest, and happy adolescents or adults, and though many factors could result in that, it is often to blame on the way they were raised—in other words, toxic families.

The traits of toxic parents or family, in general, include being disrespectful, self-absorbed, manipulative and dishonest, having little to no empathy, anger issues, performing destructive criticism instead of constructive criticism, etc.

Growing up in a family with such traits may cause people to suffer from low-self esteem, anxiety, and other psychological problems.

If this speaks to you, read this list to understand all the signs that your toxic family has negatively influenced your psychological well-being.