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Here Is How To Easily Be A More Caring Person

When you really think about it, despite all genders and races, we are all human beings that need to be there for each other. This is why being caring and loving is a must, especially nowadays with everything going on. But here is the thing: how do you really know if you are a caring person?

Well, you helped that homeless man that other day and listened to a friend last night who was in trouble. But is that enough? Do you want to know how to be a loving person? Or in better words, a more caring person. Read on to learn more about caring and how to develop compassion for others.

1. Sincerely ask how people are

We always ask people how they are and how they feel as soon as we see them. But let’s be honest; the way we ask is more of a polite gesture than a serious question. You want to be more caring? Ask people how they are, and truly mean it. Of course, you shouldn’t harass them with repeated questions till they tell you, you have to respect everyone’s wishes if they want to share or not. But in any case, when you develop an interest in their lives means you will develop compassion, and it will mean so much to them, knowing they have a caring person by their side who is ready to listen and help.

2. Be aware of people’s needs

Another way to be caring is by paying attention and being observant of other people’s needs. Many people are too shy to ask for help. For instance, if you noticed that your coworker hasn’t been bringing food, snacking only on bread or whatever they can find, then maybe they are dealing with sensitive financial issues, and it would be wonderful if you share or brought extra food for them. A few might consider it a bit rude, but it’s nothing but a caring gesture that will help someone in need.

3. Use social media for good

Do you use your Facebook to share your OOTD and thoughts on politics? Maybe you should also use it to connect with other people who are far from you. These tough times taught us how important it is to stay connected, especially that face-to-face conversations are, now, dangerous. Be caring by finding out how they are doing and actively encourage them to share their troubles with you. Even if you are hundreds of miles away, you can still be there for them. Plus, technology made everything easier, so what’s stopping you from clicking a few times on your smartphone and typing an honest “let me be there for you” right now?

4. Help in small ways

Each person understands “helping others” in their own way, and somehow, it always means giving money. Nope! A caring person knows that help can be applied in many other ways, and the best one is to be present! There are so many simple ways you can help those you love, like offering them a ride home, lending an important book, helping with a project (even with ideas only), and listening to them. You see? It doesn’t require a lot to be a caring person.

5. Give without expecting anything in return

Whenever you decide to give something to anybody, make sure to have a clear intention that you shouldn’t expect anything in return. A caring person will help only because they truly want to help, and not because they are doing a favor that must be recognized and returned. If you offered to provide any service of any kind, don’t wait to be offered the same thing from them very soon. You do that because you love your friends, you are caring, and your intentions are good.

6. Create a schedule for the people you love

I am sure that the number one excuse you have been telling yourself since you started reading this article is the famous “I am busy” excuse. Well, here is a shocking fact: did you know that you can be busy and still care for your loved ones? #mindblowingfacts. Nothing is stopping you from creating a schedule to remember a friend for a quick call or a little chit chat. Of course, you can forget about them intentionally, but if you are truly caring about them, then you will definitely find a way to keep consistent communication with them.

7. Listen!

So many people don’t need anything but to be heard, and you don’t have to be a therapist or a guidance counselor to be there for somebody with open ears. Being a good listener is an important and amazing characteristic that needs to be developed by as many people as possible. You don’t have to be offering advice or any kind of material help, what you need to do is be there for those who need it, focus on each word they say, dry their tears, hold their hand, and hug them tight.

These are the greatest qualities of a great friend and a caring person. Have compassion that leads you to not only cry with them but also move mountains for them. Why? Because you are a caring person, and these are the people you love. Cherish them, and don’t forget those in need, too.