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Here Is Why You Should Be Yourself

What is the point of not being who you really are? Who do you live for exactly? Is it for yourself or for random, judging strangers? Have you ever asked yourself similar questions? The present world, in particular, is trying to turn everyone into identical copies.

If you manage to defend yourself in light of the prevalence of everything fake, unrealistic and hypocrite, you will be yourself’s hero. Being yourself is certainly difficult because you will be judged for who you really are.

Under pressure, people prefer to wear masks and act differently in accordance to what the world is imposing on them. The world is developing nonstop, but you don’t have to wear a new mask each time it does.

The best people are the ones who are always as they used to be since you met them for the first time. They are the same sincere people.

Don’t pay heed to what others say because no matter what you do, you will never level up to their baseless expectations. Don’t be afraid to behave and act the way you mean and want. Here is why you should be yourself.


Most of the positive attitude books that you have come across must have dwelled in length on the significance of being yourself. But what do we really mean by ‘being yourself’?

The core of this is that you recognize the power of attitude, create a personal world view, and draw individual beliefs and values. What do you think would happen if you don’t have your own standards, beliefs, and values? You will end up taking the others’.

This way you will be wasting your time and life on behaving according to things which are not even yours. Thanks to the power of your subconscious mind, you may find your path again.

Remember that this world includes things which are exclusively wrong and others which are in between the right and the wrong. This means that not everything others do or believe in is the right thing.


Dig deep down for the YOU! Did you find it? How can you define it? Asking questions like these will lead you to know your identity. What is your identity then? Your identity is everything and anything that distinguish you from the others.

It is about having something that others don’t have. In other words, who you are and what you do add a value to your community. If we are all identical copies, don’t you think that the world will be boring and dull? Certainly!

Let the real you surface everywhere you go, you will leave a unique touch for which you will be known for the rest of your life. People who steal others’ identities will usually experience changes all the time because their ‘who’ is defined by the changes of the others.

But if you build your own identity, you will be always who you want to be and know where to go or what to do.


Many people risked and sacrificed their lives to be different from others. Sometimes, when you walk off the line that is drawn by the crowd, you will not just hear hatred comments but also put your life in serious danger. People hate and despise difference.

This is the unfortunate and ugly picture of reality. But does it mean that you are going to spend the rest of your life in somebody else’s skin? Pull yourself together and be courageous!

If you are asked to pay for who you really are, then do it; it is better than paying for being someone you are not. It is very easy to walk the line that others drew, but it takes courage to make one of your own.

This is a part of the identity building that you are supposed to be working on. Take your positivity journal and jot down: I am who I want to be even if it takes my life to be.


Your identity is not just about your likes and dislikes. It is your whole life philosophy from the way you eat to the way you sleep. When you know who you really are, having a particular identity that makes you stand out of the crowd, you are enabled to set your own limits given the way your standards.

In case someone crossed your personal boundaries, you will be able to tell because those limits are a reflection of your real identity. While listening to the best positive thinking audiobooks, you must have come across something about the importance of building boundaries.

Here is a recapitulation for you. Many people set their goals at the expense of others, they can walk over you, use and exploit you, and then turn their back. These people are the genuine representatives of heartless, disrespectful, worthless and unethical individuals.

Be careful with whom you build your relationships and to whom you become open. Don’t be fooled by their yellowish, fake smiles and build your barriers since day 1.


Having good thoughts, living a life with love and respect, finding happiness again and being yourself are essential ingredients in your overall life recipe. When you are the person you choose to be, every step you take in your life becomes inspired by your identity.

Being always yourself is going to guide you to the point you want to reach. You will have more focus on your life. Someone who lives the way others want or tell him to live is under the spell of being lost.

Do you imagine this person as someone who knows what he or she should focus on? He or she will be likely lost more than we think. This proves that he or she is just breathing to accomplish objectives under the influence of others. All this results from not sticking to his or her identity.

Remember this: be brave, be strong, be you, be true; in brief be yourself! Mark your life with spontaneous happiness and primal leadership because you WANT TO and not because you are TOLD SO!