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How To Clean A Carpet Without Vacuum cleaner

We know it’s the modern era and everything is easy and practical, but do you know how to clean a carpet without a machine? And by machine, we mean a vacuum cleaner, of course! Maybe your vacuum is broken, or you are just trying to save on the electrical bill. But that’s exactly why knowing a few carpet cleaning tricks can be quite handy. Today, we are here to tell you about four different alternatives that will make your carpet look as spotless as it does when you use a vacuum.

Are you ready to diversify your cleaning process?

1. A simple dustpan and a broom

This carpet cleaning method might sound a bit old fashioned, but you need to remember that there was a time when vacuum cleaners didn’t exist, and these two simple tools got the job done regardless! Start by brushing in one direction to try and gather all the dirt and debris into a single area. Go for short and effective strokes and keep brushing in a straight line. After getting all the dirt into your dustpan, finish it up by scrubbing your carpet using a brush or a broom with natural stiff bristles for better results.

2. Try a carpet sweeper

Well, here is a list of carpet sweeper uses: sweeping your carpet. Surprising, right? Not really, but this is often an overlooked option, even though it’s quite ecological, effective, and also silent. If you have a dog who can’t stand the vacuum cleaner’s noise, a carpet sweeper is a perfect alternative for you. It’s also very practical since it has rollers at the base that allows it to glide across your carpets, picking up the dust and dirt. After you are done, empty up the dirt collector and put it away. If you are trying to figure out how to deep-clean a carpet, this is not the best option, but it’s still very useful and practical for those routine daily cleans.

3. Use packaging tape

It might sound weird at first, but packaging tape can be your best ally when trying to get rid of small inconvenient debris on your carpet. Imagine that you are looking at your carpet and notice a stubborn pet hair that seems to be stuck. You can use the packaging tape to remove it by pressing it firmly against the carpet fibers. The tape’s adhesiveness can pick up small fragments of dirt that you could never remove by hand. Keep in mind that this is not a practical method and that you are not supposed to go around cleaning a huge carpet with packaging tape. Nonetheless, it can be a quick fix to clean up a missed spot or something of the kind.

4. Go ahead and wash your carpet already

Sweeping, brushing, and vacuuming are all great alternatives to keep your carpet clean, but you should also wash it every once in a while. This deeper cleaning process will kill all the bacteria that inhabit your carpet fibers, which is a plus to your health. It might also help you get rid of any subtle unpleasant odors that might be lingering in your living room or bedroom. There are many carpet cleaners for sale, but you can skip the harsh chemicals and make your DIY cleaning product instead. Something as simple as mixing white wine vinegar with warm water can be enough to achieve the desired results. Because vinegar contains acetic acid, you can use it to eliminate bacteria and germs. Plus, this kitchen condiment is also well known for neutralizing unpleasant odors.

Dilute a quarter cup of vinegar in a bucket of lukewarm water and use this mix to scrub your carpet using a stiff brush. Shake off any excess water, as carpets usually take a while to dry. After you are finished, allow your carpet to dry properly before stepping on it again. Bonus: Carpet stain remover If you spilled something on your carpet, there is no need to panic. Go to your kitchen cabinet and pick up one of the most versatile household ingredients: baking soda! If it’s an old stain, sprinkle some baking soda on top of it and spray it with water. Let it sit for three hours, more or less, and then gently brush it away. The process is the same for fresh stains, but instead of scrubbing, you should blot the stain instead to keep it from spreading.