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How To Cut Your Hair At Home!

You might not be aware of this, but some hairdressers offer online consultancy services to walk you through the process of cutting your hair at home. It can be quite an adventure to do it all by yourself.

Still, once you get a hold of the basics, it can actually save you a lot of money, and you will be able to hold on to this newly found form of independence that will allow you to follow up on all the trendy haircuts.

But if you don’t have the money to hire a professional adviser or a home haircut service, we got you! Here are some hair cutting techniques that may come in handy if you want to start cutting your hair at home.

1. The basics: Gathering up the supplies

This might seem pretty obvious, but trust us, cutting your hair at home can be more demanding than you ever imagined, and having everything you might need at hand is the first step towards success. A simple mistake, like trying to cut your hair with a dull scissor, can be enough to ruin the whole process. And even the styling tools need to be appropriate for your hair type.

If you have curly hair, you should use a wide-tooth comb; but if, on the other hand, your hair is straight, a fine-tooth comb is an ideal match for your hair type.

Simple things can make a huge difference, so here is a list of things that will help you out in the process of cutting your hair.

  • Professional sharp scissors
  • A comb that matches your hair type
  • A bottle for spraying
  • A towel
  • Hair clips

2. Should You Cut Your Hair Wet Or Dry?

Everyone who has considered cutting their hair at home must have wondered about this, and the truth is that there is no one-way answer. If your hair has a lot of texture or curls, cutting it while dry is a way of guaranteeing that you are not cutting too much.

But if your hair is thin and straight, cutting it while wet is also an option.

3. Be Realistic About Your Goals

At home, you might be able to do simple things with your hair, like shortening it up a little bit or taking care of those annoying split ends. But if you are thinking about giving yourself an extreme hair makeover, you should think again.

Hairdressers exist for a reason – they are trained professionals who can deliver all sorts of haircuts and hairstyles. At home and without any training, you cannot expect to achieve the same results.

So, be realistic about what you want to do with your hair and think it through before picking up those scissors. Don’t challenge yourself to do more than you can do.

4. How To Shorten Your Ponytail When You Have No Layers

Start this simple process by combing your hair, preferably starting in the back and working your way to the front, as it’s easier to eliminate stubborn knots with this technique.

Once your hair is all smooth, you can pull it into a ponytail and then use a ruler to determine how much you would like to take off. Mark the length using a hair clip, and then it’s time to snip, snip, snip.

5. How To Shorten Your Ponytail When You Do Have Layers

The combing process is just the same as before, but the cutting process is a bit different. After combing your hair, start by analyzing the natural movement your layers seem to form.

Then, separate your hair in sections and cut layer by layer, always marking it off with a hair clip to make sure the final result looks even.

6. When Should You Cut Vertically And When Should You Cut Horizontally?

The angle in which you choose to use your scissors can help you recreate a more natural effect when cutting your hair. When you cut your hair horizontally, there is a risk that the edges will look pretty square, and this might not be your goal.

But if you cut vertically, you can achieve a softer finish that will make your hair movement look more natural and “wild.”

7. Take Care Of Those Split Ends

After styling your hair the way you intended, it’s time to take care of those annoying split ends. Can you recall your last visit to the hairstylist? Do you remember them point cutting the ends of your hair?

Well, you can do the same at home, and all it takes is for you to change the angle of your scissors. Point it towards the floor and cut the split ends while following the natural flow of your hair.

8. How To Cut Bangs By Yourself

And if you are feeling extra adventurous and ready for a bold move, you can always try to cut your bangs at home. People with bangs know the effort it takes to maintain that iconic hairstyle, but if you manage to do it at home, your life will change completely.

Start by taking care of the ends of your bangs. Separate your hair in three different sections – the middle, the sides and the front. Clip back the sides to make it easier to point cut the front section. Then, set the rest of your bangs free and level them up as you see fit.